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32 arrested for 'witch' murders

By Alex Matlala | 2011-03-24 06:08:11.0 | COMMENTS [ 29 ]

SWIFT action by the police after a tip-off has resulted in the arrest of 32 people accused of stoning to death two women in Bokgaga village outside Tzaneen on Human Rights Day.

The suspects were found just after midnight yesterday hiding in a cave on a mountain near the village.

Limpopo police spokesperson Brigadier Hangwane Mulaudzi said police launched a massive manhunt after a tip-off from members of the community, who told them the whereabouts of the suspects.

He said the police went to the houses of the suspects at about midnight.

"We arranged a helicopter and at about 4am, we managed to locate our first suspect, who led us to the others." Mulaudzi said.

He said the suspects would appear in the Naphuno magistrate's court tomorrow for attempted murder and two counts of murder.

The arrest was a sequel to an incident that took place on Monday at Bokgaga village when a group of people assaulted, stoned to death and burnt an 81-year-old grandmother and a 26-year-old woman.

It is alleged the group accused the victims of practising witchcraft.


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Those fake pastors should be arrested too.they have contributed to these with their liar to promote their churches and the so called power of god.
You can read the whole bible,remain brainwashed BUT god made in Italy is not genuine and will remain that way.they can force people and try all trix these pastor worse,Hobbos highly only Black labell are better than them.

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africanist u r so stupid and stereotypic, the last time u heard of the word 'angle' was when u were in grade 6, if u managed to get there, and ur teacher told u that 'angle' is something with two intesecting lines and u still use that defination even today. just consult ur dictionary and look for a literal meaning of the word 'angle' and make sense around it

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please behave when I come this weekend, tell your younger sister to sleep at home for ones.


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The poor old lady and the young woman shame man. When are we going to learn to get our facts straight first b4 we attack good people of MZANZI? Can't we wait first for the results of the investigation, still afterwards no man is allowed to kill another. I know it sounds boring but let the law to take its course, I can hear negative comments about our justice system but please guys this is not right at all. I f they are proven guilty then the law will deal with them. Killing one is not an option but just trouble on top of another. Owele hle ma_Afrika! Ha e lale!!!

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Eish Bapedi , Vhavenda plus Batsonga!

2011-03-24 15:24:46.0 | 0 replies

ThatoMolo what ?????????
u tsubile glue "Limpopo" is the only town with this kind of funny stories maybe u are one of the witches

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The poor old lady and the young woman shame man. When are we going to learn to get our facts straight first b4 we attack good people of MZANZI?

if the magistrate gives all of them multiple life sentences, then they will learn.

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Please if this thing of witch craft doesn't happen in your family don't talk like your head is apart from your body..Am not condoning those people who stoned that women but please, that people maybe they are sure about what they did..and they'll tell the magistrate about that..and one thing for sure let us not undermine other people's provinces..we'r all the south african...and thanx to police for arresting those morons..and senti please you have to apologise to the people of that particular provinces for your remarks..dankie mzanzi..

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i've visited one church in soweto and people there were vomiting frogs and snakes..that made me sUre that this witchcraft is living..people are suffering outside gents..and so many people died because of this not taking a side but if this thing doesn't happen in your family you r lucky like me cos we believe in god and we are untouchable because of the holy spirit..FIRE FIRE FIRE..AMEN

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@ Africanist
i like the fact that u can be clever sometimes
"nyauza sounds very venda" yes its its not venda it only sounds venda ..

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plz read Vhafuwi's comment and 1. answer those questions and tell me if u still say 'Limpopo' this and that, 2. whats funny about this story? 3. which methodology did u employ to establish that i am a witch? GLUE e tsuba ke authi ya gago

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