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Man 'rapes' his own daughters

By Alex Matlala - | 2011-03-15 06:22:22.0

The man allegedly stopped having sex with the girl (now 15) when he discovered that she was pregnant and began to rape her younger sister


TWO Limpopo children have allegedly been raped repeatedly for years by their 53-year-old father.

The children have been taken to a place of safety to live with their aunt in another village and have not been to school for weeks.

Police said the father of the children had allegedly been having sex with the 15-year- old girl since she was 12 years of age in 2009.

The man allegedly stopped having sex with the girl when he discovered that she was pregnant and began to rape her younger sister, Sowetan was told.

The older girl is apparently three months pregnant and has not been to school since she started vomiting and sleeping in the classroom.

Limpopo police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Mohale Ramatseba said the police arrested the girl's father on Saturday after investigations revealed that he was responsible for the pregnancy.

Ramatseba said the alleged rape incidents came to light when the girl went for a check-up and nurses told her that she was pregnant.

"She told the nurses what had happened and who was responsible for the pregnancy and our own investigations revealed that the girl's father was responsible and he was arrested the same day," Ramatseba said.

He said the girls kept the rapes under wraps for years because they feared their father might hurt them.

By noon yesterday the father was in court to face two counts of rape.

Meanwhile, the 9-year-old girl allegedly raped by a 62-year-old man last month has still not been to school.

The girl's parents have been spending the better part of their days going to different schools around the province pleading for a place for her, far from where the girl lives at the moment.

The girl would cry each day she entered the school premises, claiming her friends and schoolmates were giving her strange looks since they heard she was raped.

The suspect is out on R1000 bail after his lawyer, Bemus Shirindza, convinced the court that he suffered from erectile dysfunction.