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'Don't make friends with white people'

By Tebogo Monama | 2011-03-11 06:12:08.0 | COMMENTS [ 738 ]

THE South African Democratic Teachers Union and Gauteng department of education are headed for a confrontation after the union's chairperson, Moss Senye, labelled the MEC as Satanic

Addressing about 1,000 teachers during a mass meeting yesterday, Senye said: "Whether Barbara (Creecy) likes it or not, we will have our meetings. Despite Barbara, we will vote for the ANC during the elections and they will remove her. Let us not embrace satanic people. Down with Satanism.

"You cannot be friends with white people, they will Satanise you," he said.

Creecy was called "satanic" for implementing the no work, no pay policy for teachers who took part in last year's month-long public sector strike.

Creecy's spokesperson Charles Phahlane said: "The policy of no work, no pay will continue."

Senye said: "The bank called and asked when I would pay for my car. I cannot pay and I do not care. They can repossess it. We must show strength as a region.

"Barbara is trying to destroy us. Angie (Motshekga) tried and now she is gone. Mary (Metcalfe) tried and now she has vanished. People have tried to destroy the union and failed. At no stage should you be friends with white people, they will satanise you.

"Our region has 10,000 members and only 75 of them are white. This is a non-racial union. We welcome everyone. We have never had a problem with Indian teachers. They have always been our members."

Senye, who is also the principal of Meadowlands High School, said: "There are two white learners at Meadowlands High. Barbara is not happy about this. She wants them to go to Parktown and other schools in the suburbs."

The DA's Gauteng education spokesperson Khume Ramulifho said: "It is the department's fault. They are afraid of the union. They will make threats but will eventually back off. Teachers who do their job have no protection from the department."

Sadtu in Soweto is demanding a 10 percent salary increase for 2011-2012. They have vowed to get it.

Senye and teacher Ofentse Phehle will appear in court on Monday for allegedly assaulting a 17-year-old pupil.

Sadtu regional secretary Ronald Nyathi said: "The department has a special project to divide Sadtu and remove some leaders. On Monday, when comrade Moss appears in court, you must be there. When the magistrate sees that people have no supporters, they believe they are criminals. Moss is not a criminal. If we let him go down, we might as well close shop. If we do not go to court, we will be endorsing the MEC's claim that Sadtu is too strong and irrelevant in education.

"The department must withdraw charges and then teachers will teach. If they want peace and tranquility, they must cancel all charges against our leaders."

COMMENTS [ 738 ]

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