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BIG SHOTS: Brothers Ajay and Rajesh Gupta. There is  talk that state power has moved from the Union Buildings to the Gupta family's compound in Saxonwold, Johannesburg. The writer says no self-respecting country can tolerate the state of affairs photo: KEVIN  SUTHERLAND
Guptas to respond to Gordhan’s bank affidavit

The Gupta family will on Friday morning file responding court papers at the High Court in Pretoria t.

Roberts says sorry

By Sapa | 2011-03-02 11:17:28.0 | COMMENTS [ 5 ]

SUNDAY World columnist Kuli Roberts has apologised for writing a "racist" column about coloured people.

Roberts wrote on social network Twitter: "I am truly sorry to all those upset ... No harm was intended ..."

The column was discontinued with immediate effect after the Sunday World and its owner, Avusa Media, acknowledged the outcry over the column, headlined "Jou Ma se Kinders".

In her column Roberts remarked that coloured girls were the future "for various reasons".

"You will always be assured of a large family as many of these girls breed as if Allan Boesak sent them on a mission to increase the coloured race," she wrote.

"They are the closest thing to being a white woman and we know you black men love them as they look like they've popped out of an Usher music video.

"They have no front teeth and eat fish like they are trying to deplete the ocean" and "they love to fight in public and most are very violent".

Sunday World editor Wally Mbhele said the column, which is being investigated by the SA Human Rights Commission, made derogatory generalisations about coloured people, which were in clear violation of the SA Press Code and Avusa Media's internal codes.

Mbhele said he took full responsibility "for the offending column".

Avusa Media editor-in-chief Mondli Makhanya said the company had already begun an internal inquiry into the matter.

Roberts's column comes amid a furore over remarks made about coloureds by government spokes-person Jimmy Manyi.

Manyi, then the director-general of labour, said in a show broadcast on KykNet's Robinson Regstreeks in March 2010 that there was an "over supply" of coloureds inWestern Cape.

The ANC distanced itself from Manyi's remarks, saying they were "disturbing" and "unacceptable", while Cosatu said the comments would inflame fears in the coloured community.

Government Communications and Information System deputy chief executive officer Vusi Mona has since apologised for the remarks on Manyi's behalf.


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Even in the present day South Africa people still have prejudices. I'm glad this column is not written by a white person because then there would have been demonstrations in the a seemingly well informed black girl has unleashed unflattering comments about fellow South Africans ...whats the way forward. do we blame apartheid gagain for this columnists uninformed opinions? PS: Are her kids not colured too or are they different because they are not from the Cape?

2011-03-03 13:41:15.0 | 0 replies

i believe we South Africans will never live in peace ias long as we still see things in Black and White. If we still have organisations like Black Management Forum, (it means whites are not welcome). If we still have organisations like solidarity that seems to represents only whites. If we still have S.H.O.U.T, thas only shout when white is a victim.

if we still have leaders who are blind on some issues and see others...

2011-03-03 14:32:12.0 | 0 replies

Hay suka vele they are like that man...and they think they are better than black people. Im staying with them and I also feel discriminated at times.

2011-03-03 15:31:34.0 | 0 replies

@tasty, its people like u who make this country seem uneducated, if you are uncomfortable in your own skin don't try to take it out on other people. Living with this type of a stereotype doesn't help anyone. since your living with them, then why don't u try speaking to them instead of using some misinformed conclusions

2011-03-03 18:24:06.0 | 0 replies

Please tell me if the dont drink black label
tell me if they dont smoke
tel me some dont have front teeth
tell me some dont have large family
well who does not love sex of course they also love sex

2011-03-04 07:45:57.0 | 0 replies