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University can't meet demand for places

By Tebogo Monama and Sapa | 2011-01-12 06:14:23.0 | COMMENTS [ 24 ]

MPHO Mashaba stood in a queue at the University of Johannesburg for two days, only to be told that his application was not successful.

Mashaba is one of at least 30,000 matriculants who have been queuing at the UJ Kingsway Campus in Auckland Park to apply for places.

On Monday he stood in the queue from 8am until 2pm. Yesterday he was there from 5am and was told at 11pm he could not be accepted.

Those queueing were late applicants, re-applicants and first-time walk-in applicants.

The university yesterday said about two-thirds of the late applicants flocking to its Bunting and Kingsway campuses might not get in at all.

UJ registrar Marie Muller said the number of late applications could be attributed to the greater number of matrics who obtained university admission in the 2010 exams.

Even if these students complied with the minimum requirements for their chosen field, they would not necessarily get in. "We have limited space," she said.

Those queuing outside were handed application forms and 100 late applicants were allowed on to campus at a time.

The university only has space for 13,000 first years and has already conditionally accepted 17,500 new students based on Grade 11 results during its pre-selection.

Many of these had applied at other universities as well and might not register later this month.

The UJ received 63,400 applications for first-year undergraduate studies in 2011 during the dedicated application period in 2010.

The University of the Witwatersrand is not experiencing high volumes of late applicants. Wits enrolment centre head Carol Crossley said there were about 200 students queueing at the institution, but many of these had been rejected last year and were trying their luck again.


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I dont understand the late registration,
When i Applied for my first year i applied in April the previous.
Why did the students wait for January to apply puzzles me ?
My classes commence in February and i Will be doing my second year

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liberation before education ! was that not the ANC motto ?

it is easier if the masses can't read or write - that way politicians get away with corruption , fraud, not doing their job , etc & the voters don't know ...

2011-01-12 11:05:14.0 | 0 replies

blks101, thats y I say that they should apply the previous year so that they could avoid paying so much money, when you have a student number things become a bit easier. My sister applied to study social work but then she decided she wants to do Accounting the only thing she did was go to the faculty, they checked her marks and then her student number and then they changed her course simple as that. it is not the university's fault that people do late applications. Check Keafixa's comment check how easy it is for the niece to go to school because she did things on time.

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I agree with you Buka! I also don't understand this. When I went to varsity, you had to apply the year before and everything had to be in place before you rocked up at the university to register. To create such chaos when they clearly in the wrong is a sign of the times. Our young people have no discipline these days and simply want to bend the rules to suit themselves.

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Late application lead to late admission people lets change that please I MEAN the life style dat is hart like any body's busness. Dankie bye bye!!!!!!!!!

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every year would-be students they apply late, so 2011 matrix go ahead and apply late

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The institutions this guys r applying to were probably not their first choice last year...Me think they did apply in time to the likes of UCT,TUKS and the likes bt after getting their results which in my opinion ddnt make them eligible for enrolling to lets say Bsc Electrical Engineering they resorted to applying for the same discpline bt at a lower level(Diploma),this wsnt the case @ the then Wits University by since it merged with Wits Tech we might as well get used to this late registration.

2011-01-13 12:29:34.0 | 0 replies

UJ sucks, mchana wa ka have applied early last year to book for space, they wrote him a letter stating that he qualifies based on grate 11 results but he should bring the final results early dis year. he was on those queues since from monday, just imagine being there @ 8:oo in de morning till 4:30 without any help, they only told him scrap today that space is full. all they were doing was sitting there doing some favours amoungsthemselfes and to other first time personal applicant frends, balungu or rich familly members, forgeting the most deserving applicant who apply on time.

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Wits Tech merge with RAU to make UJ(universuty of Johannesburg), not wits university. there was never a merging @ Wits University.

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Thnx my mistake

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