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Vavi's sushi war hots up

By Andile April | 2010-10-29 06:37:16.0 | COMMENTS [ 141 ]

COSATU general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi must "go hang himself or go to hell". This is said by businessman Kenny Kunene in a scathing letter sent to Sowetan yesterday.

Kunene's outburst was triggered by Vavi's statement about political high-flyers who he says make him sick by spending their time eating sushi from the bodies of half-naked women.

Kunene, who co-owns ZAR Bar Lounge, an expensive nightspot in Sandton with business partner Gayton McKenzie, celebrated 40 years on October 21 at a party that was reported to have cost R700,000.

He also describes himself as an executive shareholder of mining company Rand Gold.

He said in his letter he spent more than R700,000 and he would have a follow-up party in Welkom this weekend to which "Vavi is not invited".

Kunene describes himself as self-made and does "not hide behind his wife's businesses like Vavi. Unlike you, who did not address me directly in your comments to the media".

In his letter, Kunene agrees with Vavi that there is corruption in the country. "There is cronyism, nepotism, bribery and everything else that rolls off your tongue like a rap sheet from a police printer."

But he distances himself from these social ills. "I'm grateful that my businesses are successful and they allow me to buy the same things that others may have had to be corrupt to buy. But just because a corrupt official bought a sports car, and I also bought a sports car doesn't imply I'm also corrupt."

Vavi responded: "I won't be dragged down the mud with Kunene. "People won't be able to tell the difference between me and him, so I won't stoop that low."

Free State-born Kunene says he has never benefitted from any BEE deal. His party was attended by the who's who of business, celebs, soccer players, Julius Malema and President Jacob Zuma's spokesperson Zizi Kodwa.

Kunene writes: "You say that my so-called R700,000 party is a 'corruption of morality' and that I'm spitting in the face of the poor. I should not have to defend what I spend on a huge milestone in my life, when it's honest money and we were having honest fun."


COMMENTS [ 141 ]

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@Sageville - i agree with you. As black people we are nt used to having money bt doesnt give the VAVi's the rite to dictate how we shud spent it

2010-10-29 10:11:03.0 | 0 replies

When balck people showcase the riches, it does not take long from them to be bankrupt, simple because of the habit of indiscriminate spending for fear of being poor. And anyway the one who is rich does not showcase his/her riches, it speaks for himself. Thas why Kunene should shut up his mouth and chaw his money rather rather hosting develish and indecents parties that are wasteful and leaving people in a '' BROU-HA-HA.

2010-10-29 10:50:56.0 | 0 replies

To all those complaining how much do u give out of your salary to the needy but yet u expect other people to do it

2010-10-29 10:51:01.0 | 0 replies


"i wonder how did that sushi tastes?"

Just imagine Sushi next to iKUKU, how do you differentiate between the real fish and the clitoris.

You will end up squeezing the latter instead of sushi.

I wonder too.

2010-10-29 10:58:13.0 | 0 replies

Vavi,stop player hating,i would would hve responded the same if i was kunene.What qualifies him to comment on someones expenditure,if i didnt know better i'd say it pains him to see another black man rich

2010-10-29 11:03:47.0 | 0 replies


You said a mouthful.

I am black and it is like that broer.

2010-10-29 11:05:38.0 | 0 replies

@Winner thanks , - Iyo yo yo yo yo yo , Hey that chic is hotter than hotness. Now I really want than to have my birthday like that . Pap and vleis on the menu.

First time i see a black men who show cases his Concubines for all to see .

Kunene you are the Future

2010-10-29 11:07:32.0 | 0 replies

Well here I don't see any point in Vavi's complain, if people enjoy their fruits of hard work and chose who they invite so who are we to complain. This man Mr Kunene is enjoying his money together with his mates so what's the problem in that, in other words if I have lots of money I have to share it with the poor and end up poor myself. Well that's foolish. I bliksem my money with people I chose because that's my hard work. Vavi is always talking about the poor yet himself is doing nothing to help, very recently his wife was in a serious scandal and he quickly kicked that away.

2010-10-29 11:08:21.0 | 0 replies

Who cares? Vavi, Kunene,Malema etc we are all going to die. Live the life you like.

2010-10-29 11:10:15.0 | 0 replies

This is a fascinating story indeed judging by the mixed responses received so far. To add to that I do not necessarily think that those who are bashing Mr Kunene have an issue with him and the money he has made per se.
On the flip side, Zwelinzima outburst perhaps should have been general in approach and perhaps avoid mentioning Mr Kunene's name. This type of lavish parties occur almost every weekend in the main cities of S.A. This is simply because, he might have unintentionally started a situation where he will be expected to make comments about such activities every time they are reported on.
Others have raised the fact that he (Vavi) attended the IT's billionaire lavish wedding in Mpumalanga and he never complained nor attack Mr Gumede.
And I think we should strive to focus on what is correct and what is incorrect bearing in mind that people will eventually leave their lives as they see fit, however we must take into cognisance the social dynamics of the land and perhaps apply our minds a little bit more. What precedence a certain kind of behaviour is likely to set and how would others view it. And do not get me wrong people, I am not suggesting that outsiders should then decide how one should be living his or her life.
If you are a person of a certain social standing, unfortunately there's a certain level of expectation in terms of the conduct that is expected. My opinion on the matter is that how will society view it? The culture of excessive consumerism can be born out this type of behaviour. It is applaudable when brothers and sisters make money and are considered rich but I think it is more important to generate wealth. We will never get rid of wealth, it gets past from generation to generation.

I believe that the reason why in S.A the whole idea of gentlemen's club is less likely to succeed is the fact that in S.A there is a culture of flaunting by SOME men and they want to 'show off' and generally are more forwarding to spots where is frequented by women.

S.A surpassed Brazil to be the most unequal society in the world and that on its own is a warning siren and we should do all it takes to correct this. Speaking strongly against certain type of behaviour by certain individuals will go a long way in shaping people's thoughts on such matters.

2010-10-29 11:22:21.0 | 0 replies

It's about bloody time someone put Vavi in his place! Die man o ja chelete ya gage, jaanong Vavi yena o ja ke eng?

2010-10-29 11:45:55.0 | 0 replies