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Taximan 'steals' boy for muthi

2010-10-18 06:15:54.0 | Sizwe ka Banzi

A TAXI driver has been arrested for allegedly trying to abduct an 11-year-old boy for muthi purposes at the sprawling Kanana shackland in Gugulethu on Saturday night.

" My family is very upset. Had my brothers caught him, they would be the ones facing the magistrate now"

The boy went into a spaza shop at about 10pm with his sister when a Toyota Quantum taxi driver, who was buying from the same shop, sent him to "fetch" his wallet in the taxi.

The driver followed the boy to the taxi and when the youngster was in the vehicle the man climbed in and sped off with him.

The boy's mother, Nokuthula Maweya, said neighbours who saw her boy being whisked away alerted her.

"I could already imagine my boy dead," Maweya said as she consoled her boy.

The police were able to corner the taxi in Lower Crossroads.

The boy was returned unharmed but told his mother that the driver had said a sangoma named Gaba was waiting for his limbs.

"My child is very traumatised by this," she said.

The angry mother said the driver must thank his ancestors that the police were the first to catch him.

"My family is very upset. My brothers are spitting fire, and had they caught him they would be the ones facing the magistrate now."

Gugulethu police spokesperson Captain Elliot Sinyangana said the driver was released on bail and would appear in court on November 21.

He urged parents to be vigilant when sending children to shops at night.

"Our advice is that children should not be sent to shops on their own at night because they can become easy targets," he said.

A revered sangoma, Professor Philip Kubukeli, said those using "human parts" should be arrested and thrown in jail.

"We are totally against the use of human parts by sangomas because it leads to murders and unnecessary deaths," Kubukeli said.

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