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God's Army Caterpillar dies

By Corrinne Louw | Aug 26, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 23 ]

THE head of the popular God's Army Evangelistic Ministries Pastor Nkosinathi NJ Sithole, 46, has died.

Dubbed "Tsunami", "Bulldozer" and "The Caterpillar", Sithole was a well-known charismatic Durban evangelist who travelled around the province and amassed thousands of followers.

Spokesperson for NJ Sithole Ministries International Walter Ntsele said Sithole's death came as a shock.

Ntsele said Sithole was a long suffering diabetic patient.

He said his sugar levels spiked on Monday evening and the pastor was rushed to St Augustine's Hospital from his Umlazi N section home.

Sithole founded God's Army Evangelistic Ministries and established the network of Christian Fellowship Centre Churches.

"He will be greatly missed as he was recognised as the Moses of our time, a bold and courageous man," Ntsele said.


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Hawu Jehova, he first time I attended his preachings was in Soweto. He was powerful.

Aug 26, 2010 8:27 | 0 replies

This is sad indeed. He was indeed a great preacher, one who doesn't compromise, who told it as it is. I'm honoured to have most of his recorded sermonies and i know they will keep reviving me.

May his Soul rest in Peace. Surely he is rejoicing in Heaven with the Saints.

''ABEZWA LABO NOMASONTO''.....................You will be missed.

Aug 26, 2010 12:15 | 0 replies

Kodwa ebeyibiza imali kube buhlungu intliziyo. I remember when attending one of his revivals e Alexandra, I got so hurt when he started forcing people to hand over their cellphones because the offering for the day was not enough according to him .He started shouting and I wandered if God was pleased with what he was doing. Poor people from the shacks who dont have R2 to buy bread were being forced to offer. kukude kulo Jesu. RIP Tsunami

Aug 26, 2010 12:44 | 0 replies

May his soul rest in peace,God has raised other young,powerful pastors who'll fill the gap.God's kingdom sustains itself,there were other powerful ministers(Catherine Caulmann,Bhengu etc)before him they served and died,went to the Glory

Aug 26, 2010 1:5 | 0 replies


Evangelist NJ Sithole
Prophet NJ Sithole Also Known As 'Tsunami', 'Bulldozer', 'Cartapillar'
I first saw and noticed Evangelist NJ Sithole at Embalenhle. He had a huge tent there and many churches and their Pastors were gathered together for the Revival. I know him of his Great Sense of humor and Extra-ordinary Braveness or Great Faith.
During that revival he prophesied that there were many who were HIV positive, they came out and it was many even young people. And God healed all of them.
The Man of God shared with us his story and I also grasped when he testified about when God manifested himself to them and his companions.
He said they were in a 21 days fasting, seeking God’s face on a mountain and God manifested Himself by Gigantic footsteps that quaked the place they were at.
If I recall correctly he also said he used to be a member of a police force or so, and there was a bomb casted in front of them as an attack from a vehicle of enemies or so.
In no time the bomb exploded, he was the one in front toward the bomb than his collegues and his collegues behind him were injured but he without a scar survived. So he said God miraculously saved or protected him for His purpose with him.
I noticed his braveness, The Man of God dared to mention the exact names of the churches that are not of Christ, he even dared to first destroy the walking crunches of the cripples in front of the congregation before even praying for them and God never disappointed.
This Man of God is also a great secret revealer...
I haven't been to Prophet NJ Sithole's Revivals since that time he was at our area, I am still looking forward to attend more of his Revivals before the Lord Returns.

Aug 26, 2010 1:51 | 0 replies


Posted 14 November 2009

Praise you Lord, I am very blessed. Evangelist NJ Sithole is at our area. I had to travel so I managed to go twice already. They have a tent at the same old place as last time when I first noticed him.

As I knew him, he hasn't changed much. Sense of humor, Great faith & mighty anointing. when I went the first day I got very blessed he let some of his children in christ to preach which was a woman of God of good stature and ultimate hatred for the devil. They prophesied healings of Aids and suicide spirits.

The following day I went was NJ preaching and I was blessed he was prophesying about the Soon Coming of Christ and an Accelerated Anointing or Acceleration Spirit which the Heavens have released in these last days. I think it pertains the Last Great Revival.

To how I know him, he did not dissapoint me of what I said he is on the article above which is a couple of months old, he mentioned the exact names of the churches that are anti-christ. He took an asthma spray of another girl who had asthma and squashed it on the floor at the stage and prayed for her, and God never dissapoints.

Another guy was deaf and he received hearing instantly, the Man of God just simply said something like "God, I am Not the one who heals, but YOU ARE" and the man received hearing, the Man of God said some words and the ex-deaf man was saying them exactly, thus he has receieved hearing instantly. Praise The Lord God Almighty.

Whatever problem you might be having! God is able! Aids is Nothing! Our God is Great. Amen!

Aug 26, 2010 1:57 | 0 replies

Aw lala kahle CATERPILLAR, BULLDOZER, TSU TSU TSU. Uvumile ukuthi uJehovah akusebenzise.

Aug 26, 2010 10:37 | 0 replies

Ps. Sithole was the cream of the crop. I still can't accept his death. It's so hard for me although I've only been to 6 of his crusades. His death is a huge loss to the body of Christ. His sense of humour was really out of this world. He was himself, he never tried to be anyone else but who God created him to be. He was a blessing and preached the word of God with truth and boldness. In a way, I'm still hoping for a miracle. I would rather God raise him up before the burial tomorrow, but His will and not my will. I want to go to heaven so I can meet with him again. he really touched my life in a great way. I'm finding it so difficult to accept this coz I expected so much more from him. He is the Moses of our time, taken from this world before his promised land- he really wanted to be caught up when Jesus comes. Caterpillar!!! Bulldozer!!! Tsu-tsu-tsunami!!! Uyicawe. We rejoice with the celebration that's going on in heaven because of you, but we will MISS you greatly. Till we meet again....actually, I want him to be the first person I meet in heaven as sson as St. Peter marks my name on ther Book of Life.

Aug 27, 2010 2:56 | 0 replies

I still dont believe this. How can NJ go and pack in the grave , he used to say that he does not have time to go and pack in the grave kusekhona izoni. I still believe that God can a make a miracle.

Aug 30, 2010 8:49 | 0 replies

I really expected God to use him for. He was indeed brave at calling by names those who did not serve Jesus Christ of Nazareth. It reming of the late Evangelist Jack Coe of the USA who had the biggest tent in the world and God used him in a mighty way and he died at the age 38-39. The enemy is probably laughing his lungs out but we will tell him 'usheshe wahleka' God is preparind Joshuas who will take over.

Aug 30, 2010 10:14 | 0 replies

The good die young indeed. He played his role in this earth, God needed him more. May his family draw their strength from God Almighty through this difficult times. May they find comfort in knowing that God will never leave them nor forsake them, call upon Him and He will give you rest.

Aug 26, 2010 11:52 | 0 replies