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SABC's Boity is Mzansi's sexiest lady

By Edward Tsumele | 2011-12-09 08:29:25.0 | COMMENTS [ 257 ]

BOITUMELO Thulo has been voted the sexiest woman in South Africa.

Having reached the Top 12 of the Mzansi's Sexiest competition, which has been running on Sowetan online for months now, Thulo has beaten the other 5 females in the Top 12 to win the female category.

Readers were required to vote for their favourite sexiest male or female in South Africa.

Thulo, who presents YoTV on Thursdays and Media Career Guide on Mondays, both on SABC1, suprisingly told Sowetan that the other women were more deserving of the title than she

The runner up in this category is former Big Brother Africa house mate Nkuli Ngqola. Fellow Big Brother Africa house mate Clayton 'Luclay' Misoya was beaten by Christopher Jaftha in the male category, in which he was voted runner-up.

Jaftha is a singer, actor, dancer and model.

"The other five girls I think are hotter than me. I actually do not know how to react because I know so many hot women out there who were not even part of the competition.

"To tell the truth, I actually do not know what being sexy means, and what exactly it is that the people who voted for us saw in all 12 finalists.

"I am lost for words right now," said the 21-year-old Thulo, who this year suspended her double major studies in psychology and and criminology to concentrate on her TV work.

"I have taken a year off from my studies and will resume next year.

"I am only left with one year of study before I graduate," she said.

Speaking about her likes she told Sowetan she was into good books and watching movies. Her favourite place to hang out was Sandton City.

Thulo was born in Potchefstroom, North West, where she received both her primary and high school education before moving to Johannesburg.

"(Apart from studying) I came to Johannesburg to be on TV as an actor - and fortunately I now I am on TV and had to postpone my studies so that I could concentrate on my TV work," she said.

Click here to download the Calendars from the Mzansi's Sexiest 2011 page

COMMENTS [ 257 ]

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nevus-O cho ba tso reka matswele a kgomo or what?

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Sure, but last time I checked... No Dogs Allowed... Unless you'll disguise yourself as a car-guard, we can meet....

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puritty - Well I dont mind dear,come to igoogle we chat,me bored.

Am at it but can't be able to chat. How do i get hold of you?

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@ Sowetan

is the sexiest or the scarriest

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Ok Goa-t sper-m you know Busy corner...
Meet me there p!g...
I want to close your eyez going into festive season..

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@Spermzo -------mara wa borra my bra straight and two beers .

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bedroom weather but nt 2 make babes

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pls dont ka kopa dont.

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@Galfrend... Are you in the Offc?

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@ Bumboklaat

Are you frustrated?? (sexually, I mean)...

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maezie - o cho nevlog, im not sure how it works, im still trynna find my way around it,Clivvy introduced me to it, and I did not send you invites,i t automatically sent invites to all my contacts.

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