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Young black policemen likely to kill partners

By Livhuwani Mammburu | Jul 01, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

The problem of femicide within the police services has revealed another aspect of the seriousness of violence against women in South Africa

A report on this gender-selective killing has shown that young black policemen are more likely to kill their partners or spouses.

The study released by the Independent Complaints Directorate found that the more junior one is in the police service, the greater the chances of committing femicide are.

Dr Johan Burger, a senior researcher at the Institute of Security Studies says one of the reasons why there is an increase in the number of policemen killing their partners or spouses is because they experience a huge amount of pressure.

"The kind of violence directed at the police and sometimes the violence the police have to use themselves creates psychological pressure most people don't have in their lives".

The report shows that young black policemen account for the majority (80%) of reported cases.

The report says the majority of femicide cases occur inside the victims' homes.

The research was conducted in all nine provinces and focused on cases that were reported during 2004/5, 2006/6 and 2006/7. Most cases occurred in Kwazulu-Natal (30%) followed by the Western Cape (13.3%) and the Free State (13.3%).

AUDIO EXTRA: Dr Johan Burger says work pressure is increasingly leading to violence



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