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Baby stolen from clinic

By Canaan Mdletshe | Jul 01, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

THE mother of a week-old infant  who was stolen by a woman posing as a nurse at KwaDabeka  Clinic is pleading for the safe  return of her child

Sibonakele Ngwenya, of KwaDabeka, outside Durban, said she was  devastated by the broad daylight  theft of her child.

Ngwenya said she gave birth to a  bubbly baby girl, Promise, last  week and had to return to the  clinic on Monday for a check-up.

“I was waiting in the queue like  all the other people who had come  to the clinic,” she said.

“And suddenly a ‘sister’ wearing  a nurse’s uniform approached me  and asked if it was me or the baby  who was sick. I told her that neither  of us was sick and had only come  for a check-up.”

Ngwenya said the “nurse”  advised her that only sick people  had to queue where she was seated  and offered to show her where she  should queue instead .

“We then went to another waiting area where we sat. She was  very friendly to me,” she said .

“The woman asked me if the  security guards were checking  bags when people left the clinic  and whether I was familiar with  the clinic, to which I said no.”

Ngwenya said her “new friend”  was talkative and chatted to everyone, including other nurses and  cleaners at the clinic.

She said as they chatted, the  nurse asked her if she breast-fed  the baby or fed her bottle milk.

“I told her I was breast-feeding  her. She then asked if I wanted soft  porridge for the baby and also  offered me a job at her home. But I  declined the offers as my mother  would not allow that,” she said.

Ngwenya said the “nurse”  asked her what was in her bag.  She told her that it was a clinic  card, child’s birth certificate and  other belongings.

The “nurse” then offered to take  the baby to a sister , while Ngwenya  waited for consultation.

“Because I trusted her, I agreed.  She took her into one of the consultation rooms,” she said.

“When I later checked in that  room, she was nowhere to be found  and I felt so devastated .

“We searched everywhere in the  clinic, but there was no sign of the  ‘nurse’ and my baby.”

Ngwenya described the “nurse”  as a middle-aged woman, dark in  complexion, who has gold teeth,  wore a wedding ring, a gold necklace and had some black spots or  marks on her arms.

Police have appealed to anyone  who may know the whereabouts of  the bogus nurse or the baby to  contact them.



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