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Ferrari in rage over 'false race'

By Reuters | Jun 29, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

The safety car came out of the pit lane, allowing McLaren's Lewis Hamilton to cash in at Ferrari's expense

VALENCIA, Spain – Ferrari’s rage at Formula One stewards and governing body showed no signs of abating yesterday after a European Grand Prix they denounced as a “false race”.

The Ferrari website ( reproduced a range of headlines from the international media to highlight "Formula Chaos" and how McLaren's Lewis Hamilton had cashed in at their expense in a safety car incident.

The Italian company's vice-president, Piero Ferrari, said he had been shocked by what had happened after the safety car was deployed for four laps in the wake of Australian Mark Webber's big accident.

"I am incredulous and bitter, not just for Ferrari, but for the sport as a whole," he said. "For a long time now, I have also followed races in championships in the United States, where the appearance of the safety car is a frequent occurrence, but I have never seen anything similar to what happened (in Valencia)."

Ferrari's Fernando Alonso, who had hoped to make good use of a significant technical upgrade to shine in front of his home fans, had been third and behind Hamilton when the safety car came out of the pit lane. It emerged alongside Hamilton, who went past while Alonso remained behind.

Though Hamilton was eventually handed a drive-through penalty, it proved meaningless with the Briton having such a big advantage on the track by then he didn't lose position.


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