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Homeless and in a wheelchair at 63

Zolile Ncapayi is 63 and unable to walk. He progressively lost the use of his legs over 30 years ago.

Don't risk your and girlfriend's health

By Dear Dudu | 2012-12-14 07:20:30.0

If your girlfriend fell pregnant while suffering from a sexually transmitted disease, it could seriously affect the life of the baby

I am a young man in love with a girl at the same university as me. We are both 20 years old and in our first year. I know that I should have used a condom when we first had sex but I didn't.

A few weeks later I started having problems when I urinated and there was a discharge.

When I went to the doctor he said I had a sexually transmitted disease.

My girlfriend did not complain of any problems and I did not tell her what had happened.

I was given medication and it sorted the problem out. But I am now suffering from the same problem and it is worse. It is really painful.

If I go back to the doctor he might refuse to treat me because he told me of the dangers of not using condoms.

I want to sort this out myself without going to the doctor.

Is this possible? If I go to a chemist, won't they be able to give me medication? - M, Johannesburg


No, you cannot sort this out without the help of a doctor.

If you didn't complete the medication as advised by the doctor or if you had sex with your girlfriend again without using a condom, then you are more than likely reinfected.

I am sure the doctor advised you that your girlfriend will have to be treated as well. She might not be showing symptoms yet but it could have long-term effects on her health unless she is treated.

It is important that both of you consult a doctor and once you have both completed the medication prescribed then you both must return to the doctor to ensure that you are completely healed.

You cannot share or stop taking the medication when you are feeling better, as the course must be completed.

Why would you both continue to risk your health and possible pregnancy by not using condoms?

You are at university and if your girlfriend fell pregnant she would have to drop out. How would you then maintain her and a child financially?

If your girlfriend fell pregnant while suffering from a sexually transmitted disease it could seriously affect the life of the baby.

Stop risking your health and use condoms.