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The tools you need to rise in your job

By Hector Motau | 2011-11-15 08:08:40.0

GEARING up for your dream job? Then, we all need to heed the words of famous motivator Napoleon Hill, who once said: "Desire is the starting point of all achievement." Hill made this bold assertion in his ground-breaking classic - Think and Grow Rich.

In all of us, lies a silent craving to advance and progress. This is normal behaviour for us as human beings.

There are ways we can grow, progress and move up without putting others down. Here are a few suggestions on moving up:

  • Identify your destiny - go to work with a sense of destiny because this will generate the motivation you need to excel in your life's mission;
  • Commit to self-development - companies, managers, in particular, value people who look after their own development, especially those who seek more knowledge and strive to increase the quality of their work. For this I recommend a formula called LEARNN - with:
  • L - standing for Listening. Listen to advice and apply the good tips you get to give yourself an advantage in the workplace;
  • E - stands for experiment. Be brave. Your "crazy" idea could give your company a breakthrough and increase productivity and profits;
  • A-  reminds us to ask when we are not sure or don't know. Ask so that you can carry out your task with distinction, and this will increase your promotion prospects;
  • R-  encourages you to read - Read as much as possible to equip yourself to deal with new challenges with confidence, and to be ready when the time for promotion comes;
  • N - coaches you to develop "power networks", that can help you to reach your destiny; and
  • The last N reminds us, to never stop listening, experimenting, asking, reading and networking for self-development, no end.

Other good practices include being punctual for work at all times, show how serious you are about your job and enjoy what you are doing.

Significantly, punctual people are hard to ignore when promotion opportunities come up.

You also must be a team player if you want to position yourself for great things at your workplace, including lending a hand when your colleagues are struggling with some tasks.

Have the desire to do well and always be in front.