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My girlfriend's sister is trying to break us up

By Dear Dudu | May 27, 2011 | COMMENTS [ 130 ]

She says because I am younger than my girlfriend I spend time with other women and that is why I am never home. This is a lie

I AM a policeman, 24 years old and in love with a 26-year-old woman.

We have been together for six months and I love her dearly.

We have the normal problems, but for the most part we are very happy.

My long work hours sometimes cause stress between us, but she understands.

She has a child from another man and I can honestly say that I love this child as my own.

The problem is with her sister, who constantly interferes. I feel she is a bad influence on my girlfriend.

She says because I am younger than my girlfriend I spend time with other women and that is why I am never home.

This is a lie.

Honestly, I work hard so that I can provide for my family. I would never do anything to risk losing my girlfriend or her child.

I don't know how to discuss this with my girlfriend.

If I don't, though, I am sure her sister will end our relationship. What should I do? - Lied to, Tembisa


You need to talk honestly to your partner. Tell her exactly how you feel and how her sister is trying to ruin your relationship. Ask her to talk to her sister and if she cannot, the two of you together must politely ask her to stop interfering.

Your girlfriend is fortunate to have someone who loves her and her child so much.

I am sure she loves and values you and also does not want anyone interfering in her relationship with you.

COMMENTS [ 130 ]

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