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Bleeding after illegal abortion

By Dear Dudu | 2011-04-01 08:47:01.0 | COMMENTS [ 76 ]

I AM 19 years old and in matric. Last year, I had an illegal abortion and I do not think it was done correctly.

I went to the hospital and to a private doctor, but was too scared and ashamed to tell them what I did.

I told them that I was having problems with my periods.

I did not receive any help.

I have not had sex since the abortion and I am not using contraceptives.

I am so scared because I bleed continuously.

Please tell me what to do. Too scared, Rosettenville

Dudu responds,

It is understandable that you are scared to tell the doctor that you had an abortion.

However, you will not receive the correct help unless you are honest.

Tell the doctor the truth and remember that everything you say to the doctor is held in the strictest confidence.

The doctor will have to give you an internal examination, which might be uncomfortable, but is totally necessary to be able to heal you.

Things are not going to get better on their own, so the sooner you see a doctor and receive treatment, the sooner you will be able to lead a healthy life.


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eish you are saying it ilegal arbortion and you went for it pls kgaogana le dear Dudu.Go to backroom clinic where you did this abortion and tell them to finish what they started.And for future sake there are many young people your age facing serious problems and wena o tla ka bo jaagse mo.nxx
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mojwetse Ntate, tell her a ye Ko backroom clinic how do u perform such illegal acts When abortion is free and legal in S.A

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did i say i like? Oh No, am realy realy ur number 1 fan, followed by Lekope.. i love u dear

on tht note i gues Lekope cn b a very good companion 2 u, u cn teach hm a thing or two. i wonder hw old is hm?

am just imagininng u explaining to hm the whole day hw much u cn hav HIV & nt knw tht u r infected.. eish bt we wil miss our very own and the only real Rakgadi here while u r busy explaining HIV to ur

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Men, please bafethu, let’s stop using power and money to destroy society. It’s our responsibility to initiate condom use because we carry the sperm bafethu. Let’s stop blaming women and show them that we are responsible enough to make the right decisions. This will go a long way

When these children are sent for prevention measures earlier, we complain that they are introduced to sex, yet we impregnate them and run.

Have a sense

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@MARABATHONG - so it's nice to have people ba ba tlhapogetsweng like nna le Bumboklaat in the blog hey. Anyway nna I don't like you dear I LOVE U Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Since yesterday my fans are increasing in the blog and that mad-cow Lekope is one of them. I like you too darling.

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Im sure she did it at "Dr Banda" or "Dr Joseph".

my surname is Banda & i find that comment very offensive,you dont have to use people's surnames in this case ,if you cant write fair comments then dont comment @ all

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@Bumboklaat and Rakgadi-Tabeya

u guys knw ur story, u realy cn make a very good couple..

@ Rakgadi-Tabeya
am following ur blogs everytm..i like u a lot dear, i ws just laughing my lungs out to u and Lekope @ HIV story.. hei, i realy enjoying reading ur comments...big up!

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shame on you for killing an innocent child, at 19 yrs you should be focusing on your studies.
better if u have died in that arbortion room...nxa sies!

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There is nothing that p@sses me off more that someone who rejects his baby, especially a grown man!
BIG UPS @Bumboklaat - maybe u shud tell someone by the surname Mothupi out there who also rejected his child, sies at his age.

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thats sisterwood.
it is amazing how all the murderes are worried to the anexperienced murderer
now she mast clean herself ahm!

sex is reserved when u are married, marra girls, like to disrespect the holly law

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You are bleeding continuously from last year? haibo!!! Go to a gynecologist, so that you can be cleaned properly, otherwise you wont be able to have kids in future - you are not scared of aids, but you are scared of telling the doctors and nurses about the illegal abortion

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poetic justice, you killed a life.....bleeding will kill you slowly.

you like fcking, killing , now you complain
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