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Worried I might be pregnant

By Dear Dudu | 2010-12-24 07:38:57.0 | COMMENTS [ 20 ]

I AM 18 years old and have just written my matric. I am in love with a 22-year-old man. When we had sex I was not on the pill and he did not use a condom.

I have not had my period and now I'm afraid I might be pregnant. My parents will be so angry if I am pregnant and they will never forgive me.

I don't want a baby because I want to further my education.

A friend of mine had an abortion and ended up in hospital, so I am very scared to have one.

I am so scared. Who can help me? I am s desperate. Terrified, Kliptown

Dear Dudu:

I understand how very scared and confused you must be.

The first step you must take is to determine whether you are in fact pregnant. You can either buy a pregnancy test kit from a chemist or get a simple pregnancy test at your nearest clinic.

If you are pregnant it would be best to speak to your parents.

Of course they will be angry and upset, but once they have got over the shock they will hopefully offer their support and advice.

Your boyfriend will also have to be informed since he is equally responsible.

Please do not consider an illegal abortion because this can endanger your life and could prevent you from having children later in life.

If you do decide to have an abortion, you must ask your doctor to refer you. There are clinics especially for abortion, where they know how to treat women with respect and ensure everything is done safely and hygienically.

Women often drink various substances in an effort to induce an abortion and this can also be harmful, not only to the child you could be carrying but also to yourself.


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18yrs and o busy o nyobana le motho wa 22 yrs. O kare o ka ba pregnant and deliver the baby while on the other hand your so called boyfriend leaves you for another stupid victim like you.
Nxa - la tena maan, The media, schools, community centres preach about safe sex everyday mara le busy le dira bana...sies.

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BossK, Would you actually advice someone to abort a child. CLEARLY theres sometrhing wrong with you.

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My dear you should not be much worried about the pregnancy because you can apologize to your parents and they will forgive you and you will give birth, ractify your mistake by continuing with your studies and finally take care of your child.

But if you are HIV positive there is nothing you can do my sister and you are still young.

Please focus on your studies and forget about sex and if you can't please get ladies condoms and preserve your life.

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ke di-tlamorago tsa bofebe

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You dont have to bare all that on your own. tell your parents, they cant hate you - you are their child.
careful from whom you take advise, your friend ended up in hospital, you might end up dead. a child as you are, you have to make huge life changing decisions.

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KUKU dnt u get some???

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Le rata go nyobiwa le sa le bana too much bjale o nagana gore nama ka nama e save, ba tla go nyoba ba go imisa, ba go tsentsha AIDS wa swba

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Eish some pple talk as if they were virgins until 25 years kanti they also started early, some of them did not even reach 21 years, they were lucky cause they didnt fall pregnant now they think they are better and can judge other people. Give the girl a break. We all make mistakes in life and we learn by them. And she has written her matric. 18 and 22 is not bad. What about 21 and 50.

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If we can all just get off our high horses. How many times have you been told not to do something but end up doing it? How many of us our mother had when they were 18? Would you rather she was judged? Atleast she is brave enough to ask for advice. Okay, the damage has been done little girl what now? What's the worst thing that could happen if you have the baby, your parents will scream, ill treat you but they will not kill you. It may not have been planned but it is still a blessing. If you terminate you can get away with it or you can die. Make your decision and learn from this. Weigh your options and speak to someone, it may not be as bad as it seem now... there!

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haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa KUKU wena habawunyobi dont be jelouse .

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