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Blankets to keep the cold away

By Mama Angel | Jul 07, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Mama Angel nominated the Soweto Old Age Home in Jabavu which received blankets and four sets of pots.

MAMA Angel participated in the Annual Night of a Thousand Blankets at the Oriental Plaza. Mama Angel nominated the Soweto Old Age Home in Jabavu which received blankets and four sets of pots.

The Oriental Plaza in Fordsburg in Johannesburg donates blankets, clothing and other goods every winter to about 45 organisations.

The chairman of the board of trustees, Mahomed Variava, said the goods were needed as the last two weeks had ushered in cold weather and more cold weather was expected before the winter was over.

“Over the past three decades, helping the disadvantaged and less fortunate has been a privilege,” Variava said.

He said they had collected 2050 blankets and 700 pots. The goods are donated by the plaza’s body corporate and shop owners association .

The annual drive is organised by Fatima Noor Mohamed, Kay Mottiar, Jamila Saloojee and Joshna Rawjee.

Mahommed Patel, Plaza manager, said while the World Cup would unite the country, we should let “those in the shadows also unite us as we labour to help them”.

Patel said a worrying trend had arisen where NGOs were growing in number due to the gap between the rich and the poor.

Louis Kubeka, the manager of the old age home, thanked the organisers for the blankets and pots .

“I thank Sowetan for always thinking about us. We are grateful for all you have done for us,” Kubeka said.

The home has 120 pensioners who are cared for by 42 staff members.

Kubeka said: “Food and medical costs are a great concern to us as they cannot be adequately covered by the elder’s grants.

“We aim to empower older persons to fully and effectively participate in the social, cultural, political and economic lives of their communities. We identify their skills and talents and encourage them to use these in self-help initiatives to keep them lively and interested in their surroundings,” Kubeka said.



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