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A message for matric students - Suicide

By Lwazi Nongauza for Youth Tube: By the Youth, For the Youth | 2012-01-05 09:24:23.0 | COMMENTS [ 2 ]

Suicide is not an option, It isn't a solution, Suicide is not success force, It gives no results

Suicide is the sin

It is an absurd decision

Suicide is a cowards' decision

It is the lazy thinking

Suicide is not normal curse


Suicide is not a thing to go for

Really not a book to be read

It is not a road to be taken

It is not a brother or sister to anyone


Suicide is moral destruction to the behinds

It is a self esteem destroyer to friends

It causes the dualism to fellowships

Suicide is the transport to cloud families

It brings frustration to supporters


Suicide is attacking by storm

It blows mind by fire

Suicide is patient for stupid actions

Suicide is breaking morals by ethnicity

Suicide is not an act of heroism

Self soul slaughter is most massive men mean miserable

Suicide is the illegitimate doing


Suicide is unreal

Suicide is inhuman

It is normal unkind

Suicide is personal unauthentic

It makes lives terrible

It also makes marriages miserable

Suicide is an ordeal really unbearable


Praises not to suicide

Thumbs down to suicide

Give no credits to suicide

Have no gratitude for suicide

Send no greeting to suicide

Give no respect to suicide

Open no way to suicide

Say no to suicide

Submitted by Lwazi Nongauza for Youth Tube: By the Youth, For the Youth


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I remember my grade 10 report card moooeeer,it was written"o dom o phalwa ke Masiamisa"moooeer till today i hate Masiamisa ka mowa wa ka kaofela,nxa i was always teasing Masiamisa ka ditedu tsa hae and he ended up taking my girlfriend.that nearly pushed me to k!ll myself

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Life is full of second chances. It really is but it's all up to you and it takes hard work. Unfortunately teenagers are emotional time bombs. Just 'byt vas' and things will get better if you want them to. Be positive and don't give in to negativity, drugs and alcohol. Be humble like our top student.

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