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Order restored at Sun City Prison after fiery protest over inmates’ TVs

Correctional Services said that “matters are under control” at Johannesburg’s Sun City Prison on Wed.

'Ghetto and thought, my horizon'

By Lehlohonolo Moitoi | Aug 17, 2011 | COMMENTS [ 8 ]

The new Dompass is the ANC-ANCYL membership card & it has better rewards - jobs for the unqualified, no dismissal just redeployment, tenders granted...

Sadly, introverted officials employed under the disguise of the ANC government do not see anything wrong.

With questions of why this is being attacked... let me remind the new Dompass-carrying members that the ANC fought for liberation and equality and justice in all sectors.

This includes the then corrupt apartheid goverment, there were no exemptions. Therefore, before you scream about a black man not being afforded the right to be wealthy, consider that it is how the wealth is achieved that concerns civilised thoughtful ordinary South Africans.

Yes, some of the white people's wealth is ill-gained, so does that make us right to go the same route? We have to be corrupt 'coz some white people were corrupt, an eye for an eye...? If you say yes to should not be allowed to bring life into this world!

The ANC did not fight to shift corruption. Seemingly some within the ANC think that was the objective, remove the corruption from the few white people to the elite black people!!!

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Pity i've over 21yrs...kikikikikikiki - u were gonna love my stuff!

Aug 17, 2011 8:59 | 0 replies

The same people complaining about the ANC being corrupt are the same ones to be the first in a queue to vote the ANC. So STOP moaning and continue voting for corruption so people close to Juju can benefit from the "DOMPASSES"..............!!!

Aug 17, 2011 9:9 | 0 replies

I agree.
We ALL lose out with corruption - it's not fair because everyone doesn't have a fair chance to prosper.

Aug 17, 2011 9:25 | 0 replies

L Moitoi, this one of the most ming blogging article I've read in a long run. look, this type of topic is so sensitive, it can only be discussed by folk above average. why i say this is because we a re living in a society that does not take kind to criticism. a lot of arrticle and columns prefer to discus issues of corrucption on a very narrow point of view. we must remember that SA does not only belong to the current generation but also must be prepare to host the forthcomers. who ever runs this side of the show, must remember that what comes around goes around.

Aug 17, 2011 9:44 | 0 replies

Patronage. You see that is why I will always fight the ANC despite being a card-carrying member. The ANC of Oliver Tambo, of Pixley ka Seme, of Moses Mabhida did not need to replace white supremacy with black supremacy. Be afraid when leaders build bunkers and demand body guards. Tough times ahead.Be warned.

Aug 17, 2011 10:44 | 0 replies

What a shame to South Africans, the only thing people do is to talk about corruption and question each and every thing saying it's corruption. i bet no one in this country will venture for business because everything is corruption..But I will continue going for business no matter it will be in a corrpt way or not.

The only thing that is happening here is black mailling ..noting like corruption yes there're those who are corrupt but let's not blame everything let's have solution..hai kanti yini ngama phepha they made people to have no confidence to the government..STOP TAKING OUR COUNTRY DOWN

Aug 17, 2011 11:24 | 0 replies

Someone was right sometime ago when they said this ANC is the ANC of stomachs, it does not encourage education, it encourages only freebies and people being lapdogs in order for them to get tenders or jobs, which in a sense they have a right to access.

Aug 17, 2011 11:26 | 0 replies

Hmm, thats interesting.

Aug 17, 2011 2:24 | 0 replies