Tue May 30 03:27:10 CAT 2017
Cost-cutting steps changed: National Treasury

The National Treasury appears to have watered down cost-cutting measures introduced during axed fina.

'Ghetto and thought, my horizon'

By Lehlohonolo Moitoi | 2011-08-17 08:16:01.0

The new Dompass is the ANC-ANCYL membership card & it has better rewards - jobs for the unqualified, no dismissal just redeployment, tenders granted...

Sadly, introverted officials employed under the disguise of the ANC government do not see anything wrong.

With questions of why this is being attacked... let me remind the new Dompass-carrying members that the ANC fought for liberation and equality and justice in all sectors.

This includes the then corrupt apartheid goverment, there were no exemptions. Therefore, before you scream about a black man not being afforded the right to be wealthy, consider that it is how the wealth is achieved that concerns civilised thoughtful ordinary South Africans.

Yes, some of the white people's wealth is ill-gained, so does that make us right to go the same route? We have to be corrupt 'coz some white people were corrupt, an eye for an eye...? If you say yes to this...you should not be allowed to bring life into this world!

The ANC did not fight to shift corruption. Seemingly some within the ANC think that was the objective, remove the corruption from the few white people to the elite black people!!!

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