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OPINION: Readiness by families and schools critical to education

School readiness is a contested and emotional term..


By Yalo | 2012-12-11 07:47:39.0 | COMMENTS [ 69 ]


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@ Phuphethakatha

True story freedom fighters can't govern.

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DA will rule dis country in 300 years, not now, by den, Jesus should be back n ruling in heaven, Devil will be ruling the earth, so I wonder where dey r going to rule,
Malema says people should stop dragging Jesus into politics. He says the ANC has lost control of Western Cape and Midvaal, but Jesus Christ has not come back yet. He says people who talk like that are dangerous.

2012-12-11 10:47:28.0 | 0 replies

And AZAPO is pulling the strings for news coverage at TOP TV..

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ag, tired of this

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DA will rule dis country in 300 years, not now, by den, Jesus should be back n ruling in heaven, Devil will be ruling the earth, so I wonder where dey r going to rule,

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And I suppose the ANC is the best party to rule this country nerh...???


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I am for ANC till I die

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Sowetan you are slowly becoming like the SABC where is my comment

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It's because ANC has proven beyond reasonable doubt that they can't rule. They've failed dismally. Go to my rural municipality of Makhuduthamaga in LIMPOPO you'll see the vivid concrete proof of useless and dead government. These people are no longer incompetent; they're just plain brain dead.

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Yalo you are on point during the apartheid years the National Party did the same thing they used the SABC to promote propaganda and to conseal the real truth of their evils. Now the ANC is doing the same thing controling media and restricting freedom of speach that is why we need private media Co operations(ETV & MNET) to run and compete with that bullying broadcaster which is rather utterly usless

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Even in the DA there are corrupt and hungry individuals and you will start seeing them once they are in power...i'm not following the ANC blindly but i have seen a lot of change since it took over in 1994...There are houses where there were shacks, tar roads where there was gravel...water where there was none..those who could not afford tertiary education now have Tefsa..bra a lot of things have changed. there are clinics where there was none..balck people like me can now do business with government..we can now walk and work wheer we were not allowed...the ANC gave you freedom to speak as you do today without being arrested....I think the DA is a lame party with a lot of hogwash rhetoric and its [policies will not help an African child in any way.....The Da is bankrolled by businesses which are adamant on oppressing the rights of workers and once they are in powere you will regret the day you voted them....I'd rather try hard to fight the corruption within the ANC than go with the devil i know nothing of.

ohh pls u call those faling things houses they are death traps thts wht they are, your so called roads have swimming pools in them they moved beyond potholes those that are well maintaned we expected to pay e-toll to use them and how many clinics have ur government build coz they fail to maintain the existing ones our health system is crumbling, our justice system is useless when it comes to education i dnt even want to get there, as for freedom to speak ur corrupt government is busy taking care of that with the protection of information bill u will soon get arrested and the only way u can make business with the state is if u r a connect cadre not a man on the streeet

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