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Medical students get married in November in order to ensure they don’t get sent to far-flung posts i.

CARTOON: Consumers, Petrol & Tolls

By Yalo | 2012-03-07 09:09:14.0 | COMMENTS [ 24 ]


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Yalo this is classic, ha ba shwe.

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petrol petrol petrol

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petrol price hikes and sanral, hai ke drivers, u dnt hv a chance.

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Pay for petrol,followed by toll gates,shooo,then come taxi/bus fare,then comes food,clothing and every thing.Don't forget police bribes,girl friends,makgoshas,man we are dead.The only department that is losing here is Municipality because we will only urinate and not do the second member as we will not be eating.Happyyyyy SA gov

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@ maneater

Yes Yalo forgot that one, what the hell is going on with the parking on JHB street, you park you pay, who is this tender fat cat who is benefiting out of all this R8 an hour is a lot of money, and its not like your car will be safe.It can be stolen while there are there.

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eish...Yalo, you finished me with this one

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If you use the Gautrain, you don't have to be worried about all this.

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If you use the Gautrain, you don't have to be worried about all this.

how i would love to use the Gautrain but the thing is i would have to put petrol on my car and go through tolls just to get to it. bring it to where i stay then implement etoll all you want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It has been declared that Gauteng Province is the "key economic driver" however when you look at the cost of petrol price there is a huge discrimination as the price is based on Zones, i.e people living along the coast pay much lesser. This proves that tax payers are not treated equally and end up financing transmission and distribution costs for petrol of which it should be covered by exorbitant tax that is being charged each and every month by a tax man(Mr Pravin Gordan) and his agents(SARS).

Tolling systems on the other hand in Gauteng will creaple the economy as it will create a much huger gap between those pepole who live in the second economy and those who live in the first economy. The results of this will be to see finsncial institutions reposesing cars, houses and other basic assets because of the affordability levels.

What becomes a shame is that when all these accomodities increase, i.e petrol, medical aids just to name a few they increase far much more than the Consumer Price Index wherease the salaries hardly increase above the CPI.
This creates a lot of questions when it comes to the Presidential Advisory Committee which is headed by Trevor Manuel in terms of their competencies and skills when it comes to decision makin,g onto how they struck a balance as a key department that can influence key decisions like these.

The policy positions of the Ruling Party misses key economic, financial, technical and legal analysis in terms of decision making of which resulted the working class through COSATU making demonstrations against this.

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Mokgaditse, like a friend of mine always says "daar's nie k@k nie, want daar's nie kos nie."
DJ Winner, please tell me where I can find the Gautrein going from Townsview to Strijdom Park. Can't use busses either because the first bus to Gandhi Square only leaves at six, and the bus that will then get me to work only arrives at Strijdom Park at 9:10, way too late for work. Can't uses taxis either becaue I wear pants and minis.

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We won't survive,why petrol is going higher and higher,but i see samething about this someone is going it can't be like this,i repet someone is going. One litter is R11,00 no no again and again. So for me to use Gautrain is tooo expensive,am earning peanust where are am working.

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