Sat Jun 24 07:17:05 CAT 2017
Gauteng exec who 'siphoned' R1.6 million

A Gauteng finance executive who allegedly drained more than R1.6-million from her company’s bank acc.

Want to email a question about your UK Visa? It'll cost you R90

By Nivashni Nair | 2017-06-06 12:16:43.0

An emailed query to the United Kingdom’s Visa and Immigration (UKVI) department will now cost you R90.30.

“This includes the initial e-mail enquiry plus any follow-up e-mails to and from the contact centre relating to the same enquiry. E-mails are sent via a web message form on our web site‚” said Isabel Potgieter of the British High Commission in Pretoria.

A telephone call to the department will cost you R22.57 per minute.

Potgieter said British High commissions and embassies outside Britain are unable to help with Visa related enquiries.

Last week UK Visas and Immigration announced that all foreigners will have to pay for queries as customer enquiries would be outsourced to a private firm‚ Sitel UK.

 “The new contract will see a number of changes for customers‚ to help the government reduce costs and ensure those who benefit directly from the United Kingdom immigration system make an appropriate contribution‚” Potgieter said.