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Good head of hair better than good sex

By Tmg Digital | 2017-05-08 17:14:22.0

Many South African women — aged between 18 and 39 — would much rather have good hair than good sex.

About 1‚000 women from the Western Cape‚ Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal were surveyed by Plantur 21 — manufactured by a company to prevent hair loss.

However the majority of women put family first when asked about what was essential in their lives.

 This was followed by health‚ well-being‚ a good job‚ money‚ a romantic relationship then healthy hair. The survey found that an active sex life was the least most important thing in their lives.

 When asked about hair care‚ 60% indicated that they dye their tresses‚ 60% also admitted to straightening their hair and 43% claimed that they were either losing hair or their hair was thinning.

 “Stress‚ crash diets and an imbalanced diet may all contribute to losing hair‚’’ said Dr Adolf Klenk‚ Head of Dr Wolff Research which develops the hair loss products which contains caffeine.