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Use clever painting ideas to brighten up your home

By SA Home Owner | 2015-08-16 14:28:03.0

Freshen up!

Add some colour to your home with paint.

The secret to having a beautiful home is creating one that is reflective of the family it houses, and for this reason it's important to add personal touches.

While white walls are trendy in a minimalist interior style, adding colour to your walls is often the best way to bring a different dynamic to your home. Colour becomes even more exciting when we see the effects it has on different spaces: where lighter, cooler colours tend to recede, bolder and darker colours brings us more into the space.

So how do you add colour to your home using paint? Your first step is to be inspired! Knowing exactly what you would like to achieve with your walls is your second port of call. Once you've decided on a colour that will positively flow throughout your home, you can then select accent walls, which you can splash out on.

You can add tremendous interest to your walls, for example, a deep red or rich orange accent on an accent wall will make a space more intimate; while horizontal stripes will make a small room appear larger. Or if you're feeling bold, paint all four walls.

Just be careful that this look doesn't lose its attractiveness for you too quickly, as this will lead to repainting which can be very expensive

Try monochromatic colours that range from dark to light, and if you want to be three steps ahead, rather than painting solid colours, wash the colours in a paint effect, creating blurred shades.

While colour is often the first thing that comes to mind when you think of paint, there are also different types of finishes that can add interest to your painted walls.

With texture becoming a trendy aspect of interior spaces, paint is now available in coatings such as silk, matt and gloss.

Part of making a house your home is by adding elements that represent you and your family.

By simply selecting colours and finishes that complement your home and lifestyle, you'll be able to enjoy the home you have dreamt of.