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Doctor with fashion passion

By Mogomotsi Selebi | May 30, 2015 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

A medical doctor with a burning passion for fashion has started her own clothing line to give medical practitioners a new look.

Tired of the "discomfort" of working in the traditional scrubs, which is what doctors wear in operating theatres, Dr Felicia Tshite-Molamu, 34, said she decided to start her own fashion line, specifically for health workers.

The doctor, who is studying for her masters in otorhinolaryngology, which is specialising in head and neck surgeries, started her own line called the Dream Doctor Collection. The idea to start her own line dawned on her more than a year ago, sparked by the need to stand out.

"The idea came to me about 18 months ago when I started my masters speciality in otorhinolaryngology. Knowing that I will be a surgeon for the rest of my life somehow motivated the need to rather work in clothes that I will appreciate and, among many things, also give me hope, pride and confidence," Tshite-Molamu said.

She insisted that she designed the clothes herself and had never been to a fashion school. "It is pure talent," she said.

The mother of two said she wanted to give all medical practitioners their own identity.

"The idea behind Dream Doctor Collection is to re-define the health look completely, to synchronise beauty with brains.

"For centuries, doctors have been assumed to appear in a certain image, and I felt a need to change it for the better.

"As a training head and neck surgeon, it was easier for me to experience the discomfort of our theatre clothes [scrubs] and to see a gap in making something nicer that I would prefer before others could like it," she said.


Along the way, Tshite-Molamu has managed to create employment. She has employed two tailors and a sales manager on a full-time basis.



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