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Africa’s top celebrities such as Bonang Matheba and Ghanaian singer Mildred Eazzy Ashong will be competing for the best hair-styled celebrity title at this year’s Africa International Hair Extravaganza.


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the weaves you wearing will bring u ebola. careful with imported products hle.

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displaying the beauty of African woman--- Can this be done with real African hair. There is no women who is pretty as the women who has her own hair.

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What hair are they talking about here? Indian, Brazilian hair or authentic African hair?

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Its not their hair, so technically, they should praise the people who's heads those hairpieces came from..

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mmmmmbamba mtwana

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i AM NOT REFFING TO lembamba yenu madoda, phela some of U guys SE BAJABULILE because its weekend nd BOYOZIBULA NGEMBABA

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battle of hairstyles with fake hair and this is aimed in encouraging more blacks to go for a white look.

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hate women with fake hairs,Look at Puleng of Rhythm City and Mawande,those are TRUE BEAUTY,eish PULENG- PULENG-PULENG

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what is even more shocking is the price they have to pay for this fakery, whilst they live in a country drowning in poverty,

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leave women alone, u controlling freaks!! we love spending money on hair as much as you spend yours on expensive and fast cars! and besides fake hair will not make anyone beautiful, with or without fake hair you will still look unattractive if u are born that way, period! concentrate on the face and not the hair to see if a woman is beautiful or not!!

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