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72% of married men choose soccer over sex

By Sowetan Live | 2014-07-09 10:40:11.0

Married men are choosing to watch sweaty soccer players rather than being intimate with their wives or partners.

According to a recent survey of 15,164 married men on, a shocking 72% would rather watch the final FIFA 2014 World Cup game than have sex.

“These men are die-hard soccer fans who, for the past month, have devoted all of their spare time and emotional energy to supporting their favourite team.”

“Believe it or not, the passion and excitement men feel for the game is often on par with that for their partner, however, in this case watching the game has taken priority over fulfilling sexual needs in their relationship,” says Noel Biderman, CEO and Founder of

The survey also found that only 8% of the single males polled would be willing to miss the big game to have sex with a lover.

It also revealed that most men had pre-prepared excuses for their wives or partners to avoid having sex; the top 3 being: ‘I might miss a goal’ (53%), ‘I’m hungover’ (40%) and ‘I’m too tired’ (33%).

However, there is some good news. The World Cup comes to an end this weekend then you will have the remote and your man back.