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Spelling Bee to boost literacy

By Tebogo Monama | 2012-04-11 08:52:51.0 | COMMENTS [ 15 ]

A GROUP of university students who were worried about literacy levels in the country have come up with a novel way to get pupils to learn to read.

Through Miyela, a group of graduates who assist high school pupils as tutors, they decided to start a spelling competition - Spelling Bee SA.

Ntsako Mkhabela, director of Miyela, said the group was worried when the Annual National Assessment results came out last year.

Last year's Annual National Assessment shows that Grade 3 numeracy rates have declined from 35% to 28% and literacy rates have declined from 36% to 35%.

That means only one in three children in Grade 3 can read at the level required at that age.

"We thought it was a crisis. We wondered what would happen to matriculants seven or eight years from now. They would not be able to read adequately and that would lead to problems for education and the workforce. It would be a disaster if nothing gets done," Mkhabela said.

"We thought that we could do something other than tutoring them and making them sit in another class.

"The Spelling Bee will be fun and their parents can also be involved in helping them with preparations."

The Spelling Bee is open to children aged between nine and 14 and applications close on April 30.

Mkhabela said: "The first round of the competition will be in July and then we will have provincial levels.

"We have talked to the people who run the American Bee and people from Nigeria and Ghana and they said our preparations were on track.

"We now have about 100 children that have signed up and we hope to have 400. In 2013, we will have the first national Spelling Bee."

Parents who are interested in entering their children in the competition can call 082-588-0190 or e-mail spellingbeesa@gmail.com


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This is a great initiative inspiring way of empowering the little ones of this world! #Love&Development!

2012-04-11 08:59:28.0 | 0 replies

this is a gud ting dont get me wrong but i wonder if african will ever do someting original do we alwayz have to copy. cant even be creative with the name, I wont be suprise if this founded/ sponsored by americans.

2012-04-15 18:52:35.0 | 0 replies

Am3r!c@ns ar3 g3tt!ng r!ch. I @lw@ys w0nd3red why in Am3r!ca p3ople w0rk!ng at McD0n@lds c@n aff0rd to purch@s3 a c@r. n0w I s3e, is th3se p3ople wh0 w@nt to @m3rican!se ev3ryth!ng - @ll th@nks to the c0c0nut$ g3tt!ng id3as from DSTV.

2012-04-12 07:49:08.0 | 0 replies

Y0u kno.w w.hat is fun.ny is th@t i w@tched the m0vies c@lled "C@tch a F!re" the oth3r d@y and i not!ce that Bonnie Henna is struggl!ng to speak in a South African acc3nt the m0vie. Adv!se: "If you w@nt to s3ll y0urself be an 0riginal pr0duct and n0t a fak3, b3cause if you are n0t 0riginal y0u are mak!ng that you are try!ng to c0py r!ch and y0urself p0or. And th@t is wh.y m0st of Mz@nsi act0rs d!e br0ke."

2012-04-12 07:39:46.0 | 0 replies

By the w@y, Kum0n SA is an Am.erican Fran.chise (M0ney Mak.ing sche.me) of Kumon Ame.rica.

2012-04-12 07:32:30.0 | 0 replies
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They just want to Americanise Kumon. Next time suggest Kumon officials to speak in an American accent. These guys have been duped by the american media fed by DSTV, thanks a lot Multi Choice.

2012-04-12 06:46:05.0 | 0 replies

But we do have programes like Kumon why is not promoted? My son is doing that and is already above school grade. Kumon is for Maths and English.

2012-04-11 15:53:51.0 | 0 replies

@ Rica-licious
If you watch Akeelah and the Bee then you'll love spelling. Great idea indeed.

They tuk it frm thr,no ways.......but it is a gud one thnx UK

2012-04-11 12:52:46.0 | 0 replies

Start with our politicians

2012-04-11 12:43:06.0 | 0 replies

If you watch Akeelah and the Bee then you'll love spelling. Great idea indeed.

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