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We want your party pictures

By Sundayworld and SowetanLIVE | Oct 05, 2011 | COMMENTS [ 47 ]

Did you have a really cool party and need to show those photos off?

Well, Sundayworld and SowetanLIVE have teamed up to bring you a platform to share the space with the hottest events in town.

We would like to put up those awesome, crazy photos of your birthday, engagement, going-away, bachelor, girls night-out and whatever else it is you may celebrate.

The 'World of Parties' blog also comes equipped with a gig-guide that will let you know where the party's at - along with a map to guide you there.

But we had the most fun, coming up with a 'HOT or NOT' section that will keep you entertained more than some of the parties you may have attended. But more of that, closer to the launch.

In the meantime, send us your pictures to with some information about the party, so we can upload them.

We will let you know closer to launch time as to when to check out the pictures.


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Abantu abamnyama bajabuliswa yiwona wonke ushidi lo. Let's focus on positive issues which are relevant torwards building this country and creating employment opportunities. How will iythombe zamaparty benefit us? Sies maan Sowetan nani sifebe ezijabuliswa yilomsangano.

Oct 10, 2011 2:51 | 0 replies


come on give me a chance. Do u hate Malema so much that u would hate someone u never met.

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Dre10 I meant it wasnt a pleasure not that you will notice the difference

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Dre10 I meant it wasnt a pleasure not that you will notice the difference

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