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Book Review: Young man's fight against oppression a unique story

By Reviewed by Jabulile Buthelezi | 2011-09-05 07:04:11.0

WHAT a remarkable book! The Final Push is a compliment to South Africa's rich history that will really continue to live through the memories of African people.

TITLE: The Final Push

AUTHOR: Chabopye Freddy Pilusa

PUBLISHER: Adam Piskorski

REVIEWER: Jabulile Buthelezi


This book tells the story of a young boy and his constant fight against the system of oppression.

It could possibly be a story of any young person of the time; it is also a narrative that future generations could mistake for fiction should South Africans stop sharing experiences of the apartheid era.

Chabopye Freddy Pilusa grew up in the dusty villages of Limpopo, formerly known as Ramotshinyadi.

Caught in an envelope of poverty and hopelessness, this young man finds himself in the thick of the struggle against apartheid in the 1980s.

Opposition to apartheid exposes him to constant harassment and torture.

This book is a triumph of the spirit over adversity. The story celebrates the role played by rural activists in the journey towards freedom in South Africa.

Chapters that deal with traditional culture and customs in the book emphasise the significance rural activists had and also paints a picture of rural life for readers who did not grow up in traditional communities.

It teaches South Africans the importance of not being ashamed of telling their unique stories to the global community.

Pilusa's descriptive art of narrative leaves the reader eager to page through each chapter in anticipation of experiencing a fresh feeling that relates to some element of humanity.