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Homeless and in a wheelchair at 63

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Penny's first love

By TRAVEL AND LEISURE, with Zenoyise Madikwa | 2011-08-22 07:02:18.0

Talkshow host Penny Lebyane tells us where she chills with friends

TUNE in to Thobela FM this weekend to hear Penny Lebyane.

This lifestyle authority and talk-show host's effervescent and dynamic personality will brighten up anyone's weekend.

Lebyane, a mother of two, says there is no place in South Africa that beats the beauty of Mpumalanga.

Born in Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga, and schooled in Pimville, Soweto, she is one of the most sought-after media personalities. She told us about her favourite places in the province...

What do you like about Mpumalanga?

People are very important to me, so it is fitting that Mpumalanga people are my first passion. I love the diversity of the culture and the serenity of the Kruger National Park.

The gentle morning breeze, the glorious sunrise and sunset captures the truthfulness of the god of my understanding and heart. There is nothing for me not to like about the province.

What are your favourite restaurants and why?

It has to most definitely be The Magnolia. I appreciate it for its décor, privacy and calmness. I also enjoy their soul food.

The fact that it affords me the liberty to be 'one with myself' without compromising.

Where do you do your shopping when there and why?

I love Casterbridge for its closeness, exclusivity and privacy. Everything about it is eclectic.

Favourite hotel or B&B in Mpumalanga and why?

The Casterbridge lifestyle centre - it's exclusive and secluded. The province boasts some of the best eateries in the world, like Singita.

What makes Mpumalanga great?

Apart from the Kruger National Park, it's the fact that it's my home.

It's a place where the better part of my childhood memories stem from.

It is also the province that has the Maputo Corridor. It's South Africa in that we have everything the whole country has except the sea, which is two hours away in Mozambique, one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

Where do you chill with your friends when in Mpumalanga?

Hazyview Perry's Bridge, a beautiful restaurant called Papa's. It has a mini-distillery.

Just listening to the sounds of the beer brewing is relaxing though I don't drink beer myself.

What's your favourite shisanyama in Mpumalanga?

It's the Rock and Roll Chisanyama on route to Kruger. This is a place every tourist must visit!

Where would you entertain a tourist in Mpumalanga?

Zest Restaurant, Ilanga. This spot offers the country's best wines. It's like taking someone on a wine route.

What do you see Mpumalanga looking like in the future?

Bold as this may sound, I see the province growing as a major trade, mining and agriculture route for the SADC. It has the potential to be an influential and lucrative business hub.

What are the essential places to go if you have only a weekend to visit Mpumalanga?

Ooh, the Ndebele and Tsonga villages, God's Window. Whenever I wake up to the view Mpumalanga offers, I become comfortably breathless and everything is all right with my world.

If you are looking for the sound of elephant whispers the Kruger National Park is the place to visit.

What's your favourite place to go for a quiet meal with your family in Mpumalanga?

When l'm with my family l'm a mom first so comfort and child-friendliness is key. Spur will do, the kids love it and my folks are not fussy.

Name something you can get only in Mpumalanga...

Hall's juices, the biggest banana farms. The best pancakes in Pilgrim's Rest.

Where can you find the best salmon?

I love the way Orange Restaurant does its salmon. They can make anything taste good, but their salmon is to die for.

Best tips:

For all-night dance parties, Cappello's in Nelspruit. This is where you can dance into a trance. They have the best parties and DJs.

For spa treatment, Wellness Spa Treatment at Casterbridge is the best. They offer the best and most relaxing treatments.