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It was just goose bumps at first sight

By Gugu Sibiya | Feb 11, 2011 | COMMENTS [ 991 ]

'A friend of mine went out with her so when she came to Joburg it took three days before I kissed her on the lips'

LOVE is a strange phenomenon. It's an emotion that brings together two people from different walks of life, binding them into this one entity for life, that is if they are lucky.

However, as much as love is that one emotion that induces goose bumps and a feeling of great happiness when you see the one you love, it is also riddled with complexities.

Whether you are in it for the long haul, it is often determined by how you deal with the challenges.

When Connie and Shona Ferguson walk into a room, they light it up with the glowing stolen looks they exchange, agreeing, smiling and finishing each other's sentences.

Connie, who looks like a teenager after losing the wigs from Generations, first met Shona when he came to her house.

"I was staying with my child and sister and Shona happened to give a lift to the boys who were visiting," Connie says.

"I found myself drawn to the kitchen where the sound was coming from. In case you have not noticed, he has an infectious laugh that makes you laugh along although you don't know what the joke is about."

Smiling broadly, Shona says for him it was love at first sight.

"I fell in love with Connie but I did not want to seem forward."

Connie confesses: "When Shona left after our two-hour conversation, he had not asked me for my numbers so I gave him in case he got lost. He called later to confirm they had arrived safely."

The couple later started dating and after two months they were engaged. Six months down the line they were married.

Great romance

Beautiful and serene looking Jo-Anne Qoqonga says their great romance emanated from the ashes of a tight friendship.

"Sydney used to look after me ensuring that I was comfortable while we were still studying at the former Port Elizabeth Technikon now known as the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University," Qoqonga says.

He was doing electrical engineering and she was doing internal auditing.

"He was a traditional man who did not believe in us holding hands, let alone kissing before marriage," she says.

"We dated for six months . He then proposed and and I said yes! We got married immediately, 16 years ago."

Face to face

Dolly Gaehler met hip-hop husband Stoan Seate in 1996 in Durban as she was about to finish her studies. They came face to face at Lebo Mathosa's house on her birthday. They both believe in Valentine's Day but contend that it should be an everyday thing.

Seate was attracted to Gaehler "because she was very beautiful and curvaceous". He was blinded by her qualities that were different from other girls.

"We were on the Celebration Tour and everyone wanted a piece of her. I almost gave up because everybody wanted her," Seate says. "A friend of mine went out with her so when she came to Joburg it took three days before I kissed her on the lips."

Ihashi Elimhlophe's daughter, Ntombi Mzolo, met hubby Sizwe Mzolo on a video shoot of her father's hit song Muntuza eight years ago.

Mzolo was part of the production team and during the shoot there were glances and they exchanged numbers .

Mzolo said he was attracted by her energy and her humility.

"When we spoke I was struck by her smile. I got hooked by her down-to-earth attitude for a star like her."

COMMENTS [ 991 ]

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Dudes and Dudets

Feb 11, 2011 2:4 | 0 replies

o nahana o mang wena. o kwatela qalo tsamaya kwana o nkgang pantihose ka hanong.

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Sorry gal

Monday is Valentine and go jewa di-chocolates and not Windhoek

I am so disappointed at Nevus, he doesn't like me and i don't know why.How can i be left alone at the restuarent to wash the dishes?

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Qalo & spekepeke

sorry guys.didn't know there was a hight tension, can i ask did u 2 guys ever meet??i if not then i dont see a point of that tension, kopa tshwarelo Qalo, ngicela uxolo ne speks

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i`m fine doll,wena?

Feb 11, 2011 1:56 | 0 replies

some people ba nahana hor.e they are better ha o na le pelo ya tweba dont expect us to feed you milk nxa fool

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...And your point is???

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you can always put it on draft and read later, anyway i dnt give what think .
Happy Friday

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kunjani ?

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dont ever match make me le @spekepeke ha o sa batle kuku e baleye lerete nxa.

Feb 11, 2011 1:52 | 0 replies

Majority a maphodisa a ko pheli a tswa limpopo and i don't know them, unless you know the name, maybe i can help.

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