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Generations: The Legacy's Andisiwe Dweba on steady rise to the top

By Emmanuel Tjiya | May 11, 2016 | COMMENTS [ 36 ]

  • Picture Credit : Webster Molaudi

  • Picture Credit : Webster Molaudi

  • Picture Credit : Webster Molaudi

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"Generations: The Legacy" actress Andisiwe Dweba has finally found her footing almost a year and half after the primetime soapie underwent a revamp.

Many may not remember but Dweba's character of Getty was first introduced in the old Generations. When the soapie returned after its hiatus in December 2014, with its brand new cast, Dweba was offered a lead role in the storyline. Dweba says after facing some harsh criticism from viewers in the beginning, they are at last starting to warm up.

"It has had its ups and downs. At first I was a little overwhelmed, but I'm growing beautifully and adjusting to my character. It has been a journey of growth. Generally the fans are lovely; they seem to love my character. It was a bit hard at the beginning when the people were still bitter about the Generations 16, but they have moved on," Dweba explains.

"My character is genuinely the girl-next-door. She's your sister, she's your aunt and she's your best friend. She's a nice person. She's the voice of reason."

Dweba's journey with Generations dates back to 2013, when she was a struggling actress living in Cape Town and battling to book acting gigs. A then 26-year-old Dweba auditioned for the role of Priska, but since the show was looking for someone more older and taller she lost out on the role to Zikhona Sodlaka.

"I got my first role on Khululeka Siyavota when I was still a student. That's where I got my first official TV break, while I was still a varsity. After that I graduated and went to auditions two years straight and got nothing. What was going through my mind was if I can land a TV role when I'm still in school, then there is a future for me. Even though the odds were against me,” Dweba recalls.

Black tax

Dweba's current storyline sees Getty's life being crippled by 'Black Tax', the extra money that young South African professionals cough up every month to support extended families. She describes the storyline as very important as many South Africans can relate.

"I did experience what she went through, where I did put myself into debt. At first it was touchy, but I had to go there in order to be true to it. For some women, and some men, who have find themselves in such, it’s an important storyline to follow," Qweba cites.

"I really hope people learn from it more than anything. It is something that is currently affecting a lot of people. Like I said I've found myself in such and I had to educate myself on how to be more financially smart.”

Generations: The Legacy shake-up

A year after the controversial revamp, the soapie went through another shake-up late last year. As a result, actors including Asanda Foji, Denise Zimba, Mutodi Neshehe, JT Medupe, Lebogang Mthunzi and Kabelo Moalusi left. Dweba expresses great sadness in seeing her peers leave the show.

"It was sad to see them go. Quite hard, because we became friends outside of work and at work. Especially JT, Asanda and even Lebo because we worked so closely together. But at the same time when you don't have control over a situation you look for the positive in it, that maybe it's a career growth for them,” Dweba voices.

'I don't like muscles'

The Eastern Cape-bred actress reveals that she is currently single, having just gotten out of a relationship with an actor. She holds that the focus right now is on her career and not on love"

"I have just recently gotten out of a relationship sadly, so I'm not seeing anyone right now. Romance is the last thing on my mind right now because I was so sure that this was the one,” Dweba emphasises.

Although she refused to name the actor, Dweba says she will preferably not like to date a person in the acting field in the future. When she finally decides to get back into the field, Dweba points out that she's not attracted to a guy with big muscles and rock-hard abs.

"I'm attracted to very ambitious men. They don't have to be rich; I've never been that woman. Someone who knows where they are going. A man who have a vision and a plan. In terms of appearance, I don't like muscles; I don't see what they do. I don't get the whole six-pack vibe. I'm not that picky," Dweba proclaims.

"My ex is an actor. A theatre actor. Before I dated him, I've always thought I would never date someone in the same industry as me, but it worked out because we helped each other out and we understood each other. But it got a little crazy, because we are two crazy minds in a relationship and it just got crazier. It was a learning experience. I prefer not to date an actor going forward."


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ngiyayifuna lengane,

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Hello there stranger, how I missed you. I love Andiswa and glad people are warming up to her!

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Andisiwe I meant to type LOL

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I love her and her smile , she's cute.

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Seconded, she's got a great smile.

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Me too hey..

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1st pic. on the floor by the bin so many stompies!!!

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no jus 5 stompies Just 5

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@missmissy01 invite me on face book please FB=Sexxjaro pinpoint

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More beautiful in these pictures than on screen...... uhlobo lwam

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at least a breath of fresh air,a lady not being attracted to big biceps guy or tall and dark guys.i dont know why women like dark men because dark men will give you dark children.

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Please come to me hle Ausi,because right now i am alone and single,i need lots and lots of sex

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Nka Monyoba hore abe try down there,

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Simply and nice

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ka tswella,mara why o le so ka hare?a kere o itse ka ho tena?

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Do we have to know gore wena o kreile motho?????? gape wa rasa.

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mara a ke rasetse mapareng a hao mos,or jwang?

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I know this lady from advert ya Pep Cell in a taxi going to town to buy airtime at PEP a re "All-waye-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

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Amazinyo iwona ayi off side.

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