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Upclose with Mzansi's Sexiest calendar hottie Nonala Tose

By Sowetan LIVE | 2013-11-19 11:02:46.0

Nonala Tose is all about winning the title of Mzansi’s Sexiest 2014 and sees the other six female contestants as no competition.

She is a diamond in the rough and motivated to shine at every given chance.

Tose is a Umhlobo Wenene radio personality with a zest for making people feel sexy and confident.

Her journey in radio began five years ago and has no plans of letting go of the passion.

“Radio is my life. I am a radio broadcaster and producer.

“I love researching and sharing and my career allows me to do just that.

“My pursuit of happiness started at Yfm’s YAcademy. That’s where the love started and I moved to Kaya FM before being where I am now.

“The 26 year old is excited to be nominated as Mzansi’s Sexiest and describes sexy as a lifestyle,” Tose says.

“It’s my first time. It’s impressive and really flattering. I am in it to take the title, there is no competition at all. Being sexy is a lifestyle and about how you handle yourself. It’s all about working with what you have.

“How I carry myself makes me feel great and being sexy is to make people believe that they too are awesome - and that makes me sexier,” she says.

At 26, Tose is dynamic and her motto ‘visualize, plan and achieve’ keeps her going.