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Homeless and in a wheelchair at 63

Zolile Ncapayi is 63 and unable to walk. He progressively lost the use of his legs over 30 years ago.

Up close with Mzansi's Sexiest Woman 2013

By SowetanLIVE | 2012-12-06 17:07:09.0

Boity Thulo is blessed with good looks, confidence, and a humble heart. We get to know Boity a little better..

Where were you born?

I was born in Potchefstroom.

What have you been up to in the past year?

I have been working on my craft of acting and presenting, building good relationships with great brands and working towards making 'Boity' a household name. LOL!

Tell us something about you that no-one else knows?

I think I have pretty much shared everything there is to know about me. Well, the things that I'm ok with the public knowing. hehe

What's your off-screen character like?

I'm just as energetic as I come across on-screen, if not more. I'm extremely goofy, friendly, I'm a tomboy at heart and just generally happy.

What do you think makes for a sexy look, in you?

Confidence in who you are and being comfortable in your own skin is the sexiest look. Always.

How do you maintain your sexy look?

I always remain true to my values and stand firm in what I believe in. That way, I'm not easily swayed or forced into situations that may not be true to my character.

What do you find sexy in someone else? 

I think in general, a person who is effortlessly comfortable in who they are is very attractive.

What was your most embarrassing moment?

During the 2010 World cup, I was asked which team I thought was going to win the world cup, and I proudly answered "Chelsea". I was the joke of the day.

What would you like to change about yourself?

I'm pretty satisfied and comfortable with the person I am. Physically, spiritually and mentally. I'm on a journey of growth, and everything is as it should be.

What's your favourite hangout spots - in your hometown, and in the current city you live in. (Nightclub, eat-out, chill places)?

Usually when I go home to Potch, I'm always indoors with my grandparents. I do not get to see them as often as I would like so when I get the chance, I spend as much time as I can with them. In Joburg, with the industry that I am in, I'm always at events so when I don't have to be at an event, I'm always at my place. I'd rather chill indoors with my friends then go out. So basically - my apartment is my fave party spot.

What do you consider as soulfood?

Anything cooked by my grandmother. And fried chicken. Haha!

What was / is the worst gift from your girlfriend/ boyfriend?

Any gift is a good gift. No matter how much you like/dislike it. You know what they say - "It's the thought that counts".

Tell us about the worst date you've ever been on.

LOL! I was on a date with a guy who would not stop talking about himself and what a strong person he is because his life is so bad, blah, blah, blah. The entire night, all I could get in was pretty much "yes, no, ok". Death!

Do you have a charitable cause that you're involved with. Tell us about it

Yes, I am a goodwill ambassador for a non-profit organisation called "Thusa a girl child" which is basically an initiative to help disadvantaged girls in rural areas who do not have enough money to buy sanitary towels. We go to schools in rural areas and give them a year's supply of sanitary pads for these girls because most of these girls do not have the money to buy pads and end up missing school, using unhygienic materials or even going as far as having sex and exposing themselves to sexually transmitted diseases for money to buy pads. We will also be going around to different schools and talking to the girls about important issues that every young girl deserves to be know & understand. Its also about teaching the girls about self-worth & dignity. I'm excited about this and I'm very excited about the growth of the project.

What item in your cupboard, you just wouldn't throw away, no matter how old.

A nightdress that my grandmother bought for me when I was 7 years old. I have this deluded idea that it actually might still fit me.

What's the worst fan tweet you've seen, about you?

Too negative to remember.

Do you have stalkers? How do you deal with them?

I don't think I do. I just have a person who calls with an unknown number every single night and just hangs up when I answer. And unfortunately, I cannot afford to not answer private calls.

If you had to choose between a partner with more brains than beauty, or more beauty than brains, which would you go with?

Beauty only matters for a short while. The rest of your time with this person is determined by who they are within. Brains over beauty. Any day.

How do you communicate with your partner? BBM/Texts, phone calls, Emails or face to face?

Texts, phone calls and face to face.


My first cellphone? A 3310

My first car? I will let you know once I get one (laughs)

My first career choice? Fashion designing.

My first job? I was a promo girl for MTN, Samsung and Danone.

My first paycheck? How much was it? I think about R3,000

What did you buy with that first paycheck? I don't remember but I know I bought a lot of clothing items.

My first celeb crush? Chris Brown