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Fifi Cooper: Hip hop’s next big thing

By Emmanuel Tjiya | 2015-09-23 10:58:29.0

  • Fifi performing on "Expresso". Picture credit: Facebook.

  • Fifi, JR and Kwesta. Picture credit: Facebook.

  • Picture credit: Facebook.

  • Fifi and AB Crazy. Picture credit: Facebook.

  • Fifi and her son Resego. Picture credit: Instagram.

  • Fifi Copper in the "Monate-C" music video. Picture credit: Facebook.

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The year 2015 will be remembered as the year that Viola Davis made Emmy history, the year that Collen Maine got elected ANC Youth League president and the year that Fifi Cooper made her mark in the hip hop World.

Dubbed by many as the First Lady of Motswako, the pint-sized hip hop firecracker is having such a great year that she has renamed it "20FIFI".

Similarly, "20FIFI" happens to be the title of her freshman album dropping in just a month and coinciding with her 24th birthday.


The album yields two electric singles that have been met with warm reception thus far. The debut single that dropped early this year is the more commercial and glossy "Kisses" featuring rapper AB Crazy.

The second single to boast from the much-anticipated album is "Monate-C", which Fifi describes as: "100% FiFi Cooper, I'm a hardcore rapper".

"'Monate-C' it's that thing, it's like 'yo I'm outchea in Jo'burg and doing my thing. Stop hating. We outchea, we hustling.' Talking to the haters. They need to relax. It's a fun song," Fifi explains.

Fifi mentions that the next single is going to be party jam "Puntsu Nunu", which features two hip hop heavyweights JR and Kwesta, further cementing her MVP stature.


Many will be surprised to learn that Fifi is also a talented singer. Even more astonishing, Fifi is the velvety female vocalist behind Khuli Chana's hit track "Mnatebawen".

"He called me up, because he's like my brother [Khuli]. He's like 'Yo I have this song and I have this idea, I'd love to put your voice on it, it's not a feature. It's just for you to make it sound nice'. Went to the studio, did my stuff, done." Fifi recalls.

First Lady of Motswako

The conversation then shifts to being a female MC in a male dominated industry and Fifi explains:

"As much as I consider myself a rapper and not a female rapper, at the end of the day I'm female. The things that I say obviously come from a female point of view."

Fifi is quite the tomboy and she points out that it has always been like that. She often opts for athletic street-wear, reminiscent of the ghetto fabulous trend that first emerged in the 90s and synonymous with Missy Elliot.

The hip hop world is starting to warm up to female rappers and today the industry has seen a large number of up-and-coming female rappers emerge onto the scene, more than ever before. But how does Fifi view her female counterparts?

Firstly, Fifi takes on the First Lady of Young Money, Nicki Minaj:

"I like Nicki Minaj, because she has her own style... You can see now that a lot of girls want to be like her, it shows that she was original. Now people are faking themselves just to be like her. I love her originality," Fifi states.

Then, Fifi moves to Australian-born beauty Iggy Azalea.

"She's white right? I think she's white. That's why I like her so much. She even has a black body, she's so pretty," Fifi responds.

Closer to home, Fifi talks about fellow new-kid-on-the-block Gigi Lamayne.

"I heard her 'Ice-cream' song. But I feel like Khuli killed her on her song," Cooper voices.

Lastly, Mzansi's Sexiest 2016 Top 24 Contender Nadia Nakai gets the spotlight.

"She's ok. I don't listen to female rappers a lot  because I'm so focused on Fifi Cooper. You know when they say, when you listen to someone's music a lot, you end up sounding like them," Fifi reveals.

Single and loving it

Born Refilwe Mooketsi, the mother of two-year-old boy Resego confirms that she is very much single at the moment and she is very happy just being "a mother, a sister and a daughter".

"I just broke-up with my boyfriend, so like I'm not interested in anything or anyone. Now that I'm getting my big break I don't want any distractions," Fifi says.

"I just love a cute guy. Just make me feel like a lady, because I'm always hardcore. But I want that guy that's going to remind me that 'hey you're a girl'."

'It's Fifi Copper, san'

In the last two weeks alone, Fifi has gone from performing in Cape Town for the first time, then on SABC 3's morning variety TV show "Expresso" to Major League Gardens in Sandton.

In case that wasn't enough proof that Fifi is at the top of her game, as she exits the SowetanLIVE offices after her interview, a group of students immediately recognize her and mobs her asking for photos, as they mutter: "It's Fifi Cooper, san".

"You know you've made it when you trend for two days nonstop because it means that the whole country is talking about you nonstop," Cooper affirms.