Sun Sep 24 05:14:04 SAST 2017

Tragedy for Lebo M's family

By Karishma Thakurdin | 2017-09-14 12:14:46.0

Musician and producer‚ Lebo M has confirmed that his dad‚ Boikie Pieter Morake died on Wednesday afternoon‚ after suffering from a long illness.

The musician’s management issued a statement confirming the news. “It is with deep sadness that Lebo M‚ on behalf of the Morake family‚ announces the death of their father‚ Boikie Pieter Morake who was 87 years old‚” read the statement.

Taking to Instagram Lebo M said the family was deeply saddened by his dad’s death‚ but also faced mixed emotions as they welcomed a new addition to the family.

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“As we welcome our newest family member my niece’s son‚ it is with deep sadness and a heavy heart a couple of hours later today‚ my father passed on. We celebrate life in all forms and through us his legacy will live on‚” he said.

The family is expected to announce memorial and funeral details when it is available.