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Lesley Musina: 'If we knew our history‚ we would be more tolerant as a nation'

By Kyle Zeeman | 2017-08-23 10:11:47.0

Former Muvhango actor Lesley Musina claims that far too many South Africans have neglected opportunities to learn about their past because they are distracted by cheap diversions.

Lesley is a self-professed African history enthusiast who speaks several languages.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE this week‚ Lesley said that his studies of African history and culture has helped him see the world in a different way‚ something he wants others to experience for themselves.

“It is amazing what insights you get into the world when you understand your past and your place in it. The African child needs to learn their history and forget cheap distractions‚ because we’ve been conditioned to look at life in a certain way and it is clouding our thinking. If we knew our history‚ we would be more tolerant as a nation. We would understand humanity‚” Lesley said.

The star is working on making more young people aware of their history through a number of projects he hopes to develop over the next few years‚ including tales from the Venda royal family to which he belongs.

“We need to tell our own stories. New stories about our continent and history needs to be made by us. My grandmother was an amazing storyteller and would tell me all these stories about the Venda royal family. I want to shoot projects to make people aware of their culture‚” Lesley said.

An active part of social development campaigns in Limpopo‚ Lesley said that he sees it as his duty to help the rising generation.

“Every generation tries to do better than their parents. I am a parent and I am trying to make the world better for my child. We need to make a change and show our children that they can live with confidence‚ both in themselves and in their community‚” Lesley said.