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'I just gave his career new life', DJ Twitty on Mgarimbe

By Kyle Zeeman | 2017-08-22 10:37:08.0

Musician DJ Twitty and Sister Bethina hitmaker Mgarimbe have taken fresh shots at each other as their feud over a remix of Mgarimbe’s massive single became more heated this week.

The pair’s feud was thrown into the spotlight recently when Mgarimbe took to social media to claim that Twitty had once “remixed his girlfriend” and now wanted to remix Sister Bethina without him. DJ Twitty responded on Twitter‚ apologising for things that had happened in the past.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE‚ DJ Twitty said he did not wish to address the allegations in the media but claimed that this was an attention seeking attempt from Mgarimbe.

“But I’m glad he’s getting all this attention using my name and I wish him all the best — I just gave his career new life. I was taught that real G’s (gangsters) don’t empty laundry in public. People must be careful of one-sided stories. That’s all I can say‚” he said.

Mgarimbe lambasted the suggestion that he was seeking fame using Twitty’s name‚ saying that he was far bigger than the DJ.

“It is funny because he used to be big in Durban a few years ago. Now he is nowhere. I have just performed in Zimbabwe and I perform across the country. So‚ I think it is him who is using my name. It is disrespectful‚” Mgarimbe said.

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He said that his anger towards the DJ came from Twitty’s decision to remix Sister Bethina without his knowledge or input.

“He did the remix and then approached me to get my approval. I looked at the artwork and saw that he did not include me. I was disappointed and angry because he thought he could make a song piggybacking off my name. It is disrespectful and I will never give it my blessing‚” Mgarimbe said.


Mgarimbe on Twitter

Kubuhlungu ukungabi namali n umngani wakho aphinde adle intombi yakho. But angikaze ngisho lutho to anyone coz anginjalo ngiyazithulela