Wed Oct 18 07:28:39 CAT 2017
Tributes pour in for Wits student

Tributes have poured in for a 19-year-old Wits University student who committed suicide at the weeke.

Rapper Patty Monroe makes it big

By Refentse Makgamatha | 2017-08-18 15:44:12.0

  • Patty Monroe. Photo: Lee Photography

  • Patty Monroe. Photo: Instagram/@shamishamrock

  • Patty Monroe. Photo: Lee Photography

  • Miss Patty Monroe is a female rapper, whose hit High Fashion got the people dancing. Miss Patty Monroe made it past the auditions SA’s Got Talent audition in 2013 and the MTV Base VJ search of the same year.

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Rocking track pants with polka dots Patty Monroe is a ball of energy.

The rapper, whose real name is Megan Steenkamp, was born and bred in Cape Town and is blazing a trail.

"I always find a way to get my way. I grew up with just two friends and they knew my passion but my mom thought this rap thing was a phase," she says.

Driven by her passion for music, Monroe hustled from high school days, doing little gigs she booked for herself around local clubs.

"I would go to school around 6am. After school I would go straight to the Cypher by Seapoint - so I would spit bars and go home around 8pm. Some days I would even get home at 3am. My mom hated the late nights but I was hungry for this," she reminisces.

"I finished school to make my mama happy."

Sitting comfortably on the green couch, with her feet over the arm rest, Monroe opens up about memories she has of her late father.

"My dad was 62-years-old when I was born. He would pick me up from creche and we would pass by fish and chips [outlet] and eat, eat, eat; then when we got home he would tell me to wipe my mouth so that my siblings don't get jealous," she says.

She says her father used to act in silent movies back in the 1940s and her paternal great grandmother used to sing opera.

She mentions how having a dark, coloured mother made her an easy teasing target. "People would call me white and stuff. I just love how with music it's all about energy. There's no race or complexion," Monroe says.

Now standing up and dancing around, she talks about how she stepped into the industry with a track produced by Culoe De Song.

Her first song, titled High Fashion, was a leap of faith. Monroe didn't think it would be a hit.

"I didn't even know the guy was such a big deal and I think that helped because I was able to be myself - no altering, no nothing."

Back to her art, she dropped an album titled Malatjie ealier this year and has been promoting it since.

"This album has all genres. A touch of cabaret, electro, dance, house, hip hop and all that sauce. I like that Shekinah and Sketchy Bongo sound but I'm still unique in my composition," she says.

Expressing her view on female hip hop, she says: "I don't see competition in the female side of rap. I'm competing with the AKAs and Casspers. To me those are true talented rappers. When I see AKA and them, I'm just like, 'why ya'll chowing my cheques?'"

She further expresses her excitement for finally making it in the industry.

"Like on Friday (today), I will be performing for the first time on Live AMP.

"I'll be rocking a gorgeous skirt with a long trail, a lacy bra with like a mash-like top over it," she says.

"Patty Monroe can show skin and be all sexy but Megan is the kind to say 'cover up'.