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Celebs' wardrobe secrets tumble out of the closet

By Karabo Disetlhe- Mtshayelo | 2017-06-21 08:24:11.0

We all have closet dynamics.

Some people have too many things in their closet that they don't even have space for any more, while others have that one item they haven't worn in years.

Others hold one piece of clothing the most sentimental to them, having been given to them by an important person in their lives.

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But what about our favourite celebs?

We are so used to them being very glamorous on the red carpet and on our television screens, but what are their closet secrets? Do they have certain items they haven't worn in years? New, smaller items they bought in the hope of losing weight? We ask a few to spill the beans.

Nkuli Tshirumbula

The hunky actor says that the most sentimental piece of clothing he owns is a necktie that his mother gave him.

"I cherish it because it came from her, and she knew that it would elevate any look that I wore it with. I have actually posted a picture of myself wearing it on my social media, and it is just so heart-warming whenever I wear it. It's like she knows my style and what looks good on me," he says.

Mthoko "Dash" Mkhathini

The presenter and member of Dreamteam says that his closet dilemma is having way too many shoes.

"My closet has four doors, and two of them are packed to the roof with a combination of sneakers and formal shoes. I love shoes, and have over 50 pairs of shoes.

"The one piece of clothing that I consider sentimental as well as not having worn it in a long time would be this top that we once wore when we were performing, and it is so stunning and [is] made from a very unique material that is tribalistic. I love it, and I don't want to wear it just anywhere, particularly because I don't want to ruin the fabric.

"Plus it brings me very good memories, so I keep it in my closet as a sort of souvenir."

Sphamandla Dhludhlu

The former Rhythm City actor says that he has the ability to deconstruct his clothes in line with new trends, and can also revamp his older items into something new and fashionable again.

"I tend to do that a lot, like cutting long pants and turning them into shorts, or spray painting my old sneakers into different fresh shades.

"The most sentimental piece of clothing I own would be a beautiful jacket that my late grandmother gave me about six years ago. I haven't worn it since she passed away, as it just reminds me too much of her," he says.

Jesse Suntele

Jesse Suntele has a very funny story of why he has a piece of clothing he hasn't worn in a long time.

The actor and presenter says that about four years ago, his father gave him a hooded sweatshirt from Istanbul, with the words "I love Istanbul" written on the front.

"I have constantly tried to think of where I could possibly wear a hoodie that talks about how much I love Istanbul. I don't even know where that is!" he says laughing.

When it comes to his style inspiration, he says that he draws inspiration from different people.

"This is the reason why I don't have a specific signature look that I stick to.

The one day I could be inspired by someone who wears beautiful suits, and decide to rock a suit on the red carpet, the next I could decide to show up topless on the red carpet. So my style inspirations differ according to my mood."

Samkelo Ndlovu

The actress says that she has recently got a stylist to reorganise her closet because she is a self-confessed hoarder of items she hardly wears.

"The stylist has helped me get rid of 90% of my closet. I am still left with a truckload of jeans and short dresses and shorts," she says.

"I have about a 100 pairs of heels and sneakers!"

Ndlovu says that the most sentimental piece of clothing is the seshoeshoe dress that her mother gave her.

"I wear it every time there is umsebenzi at home. She gave it to me a few years ago and I will never let go of it."