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Local play The Suitcase is headed to the UK

Local theatre production The Suitcase starring Masasa Mbangeni and Siyabonga Twala is headed to the .

No sex or swearing! Inside Siv Ngesi's fasting struggles

By Tshisalive | 2017-06-15 13:51:48.0

Siv Ngesi embarked on a fast several days ago and it’s showing him flames!

The comedian said that he started the fast for his own “spiritual” reasons and through a series of Instagram videos he opened up about his battles with it.

He said the hardest part was adapting to a life without swearing and sex.

“The hardest part of fasting is the no sex‚ the no swearing and to try to have just pure thoughts because you know that I love an F-word‚” Siv said.

Siv Ngesi uses boxing to raise funds for sanitary pads 

He said that it was an uphill battle to keep his thoughts clean and suggested he would have dropped enough f-bombs to send everyone running for the hills.

“I had quite a hard week and if I wasn’t fasting I would have had many f-bombs to throw and this would have been a Siv rant‚” he said.