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15‚000 residents incorrectly invoiced by City Power

The City of Johannesburg has reversed the cancellation of the City Power Lifeline Tariff — which res.

Listen: Zola 7 shuts down a radio presenter - 'Everything you called me about is useless'

By Tshisalive | 2017-05-10 16:13:06.0

When a TruFM radio presenter called veteran kwaito musician Zola for a scheduled interview‚ she definitely wasn’t expecting what followed.

The kwaito star interrupted the presenter’s introduction and said that he wanted to speak to the listeners directly.

Zola then started telling people that it was important to call on God during good and bad times.

“God is like an insurance company‚ you cannot call him when you crash your bumper and your tyres. You need to enlist with him first‚ people must not call God when they are in trouble. People must call God when they are ok so that God will get back to them when they are in trouble‚” he said.

Zola then told the presenter that everything else she called him about was useless and that he had said everything he needed to.

When the presenter asked to get into the interview‚ Zola said that he was “above” her and didn’t want to talk about his song‚ uMdlwembe.

Listen to the interview here: