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15‚000 residents incorrectly invoiced by City Power

The City of Johannesburg has reversed the cancellation of the City Power Lifeline Tariff — which res.

'I don't think they knew they were raising a star' Skeem Saam star on losing his parents

By Tshisalive | 2017-05-10 10:02:46.0

Skeem Saam star Clement Maosa opened up about the hardships and never ending pain of being an orphan as he celebrated his 29th birthday.

Clement lost his parents when he was a teenager and on Tuesday as the actor celebrated his birthday‚ he reflected on how life has been without his parents.

The Skeem Saam actor took to Instagram to share how he wished his parents were alive to see who he has become and how he yearns for their presence daily.

“Many thanks to my late Mom(Mosima) and Dad(Tlou) for grooming me to be the respectable man I am today‚ I don’t think they knew they were raising a star.

“Not a single day goes by without thinking of them and longing for their presence in my life. It’s a struggle to get through each day without them and it’s painful accepting that this struggle will never end‚” he wrote as part of his caption.

The actor mentioned important events in his life where he wished his parents were alive to share the experience.

Clement said that the best is yet to come and went on to thank his friends and family that make “life worth living“.

“There are days where I am not even looking forward to the next but God gave me friends whom now became family and everyone in my life makes life worth living. Today I am stronger‚ wiser and better because of the choices I make‚” he said.


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