Tue May 23 20:44:18 CAT 2017
Woman who fell into Hout Bay harbour dies

A woman drowned after falling into the sea at Hout Bay harbour on Friday night‚ the National Sea Res.

Scandal! actress says celebrities must stop 'leading reckless' lifestyles

By Chrizelda Kekana | 2017-05-03 16:26:20.0

Scandal! actress Mapaseka Koetle says that while celebrities enjoy the benefits of being famous‚ they neglect the responsibility that comes with it.

In an interview with TshisaLIVE‚ Mapaseka said that since becomming a mother she has realised how celebrities lead “reckless” lives and the importance of being a role model.

“The reality is whether we like it or not‚ we chose to be in the public eye. We can’t just accept the nice things that come with it and ignore the fact that [young] people will always be watching‚” she said.

The Scandal actress‚ who gave birth to a baby girl in September last year‚ said that she has learned to be responsible. She added that people in the public light need to remember that they have an impact on lives.

“Look‚ it’s hard. It’s not easy to have to watch what we do and what we say all the time‚ especially with the rise of social media. We are human‚ but we are also people that are role models for others‚” she explained.

Mapaseka said that being a mother has been “so amazing” and she is grateful that she has a strong support system.