Thu May 25 14:23:23 CAT 2017
Brian Molefe sworn in at parliament, Thursday 23 February 2017.
'I never resigned' - Molefe

Embattled Eskom CEO Brian Molefe was considered to be on “unpaid leave” after his initial resignatio.

US actress Terri J Vaughn headed to South Africa for film premiere

By Sowetan LIVE | 2017-04-19 16:15:29.0

Hollywood actress Terri J Vaughn is coming to South Africa to attend the premiere of the upcoming film "Love by Chance" next week.

Renowned for her role on The Steve Harvey Show, Vaughn has a supporting role in the romantic comedy.

The film features It’s Complicated actor Atandwa Kani and Scandal! actress Altovise Lawrence in the lead as two aspiring actors from South Africa, trying to break into Hollywood.

Local stars Nicholas Nkuna and Denise Zimba also have supporting roles in he movie.

The movie’s two other American stars Desi Banks and Ja’el Roberson will be visiting South Africa too.

Love by Chance premieres nationwide on 5 May.