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TV REVIEW: Broken Vows offers plenty of soap opera melodrama

By Emmanuel Tjiya | 2017-04-10 12:13:24.0

  • Mbali Mlotshwa. Picture credit: Emmanuel Tjiya.

  • Jo-Anne Reyneke. Picture credit: Emmanuel Tjiya.

  • Rami Chuene. Picture credit: Emmanuel Tjiya.

  • Thapelo Mokoena and Nambitha Ben-Mazwi. Picture credit: Emmanuel Tjiya.

  • Thapelo Mokoena and Nambitha Ben-Mazwi. Picture credit: Emmanuel Tjiya.

  • Mbali Mlotshwa and Rami Chuene. Picture credit: Emmanuel Tjiya.

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New telenovela Broken Vows premieres tonight at 8pm, succeeding Gold Diggers.

The etv show follows the journey of two sisters running a family business – a wedding events company. But dealing with brides from hell and cold feet are the least of their worries, as the staff at the company have their own deep dark secrets to confront.

The explosive first episode of the show was screened at the show's glitzy premiere last Thursday night at the Four Seasons Hotel, in Johannesburg.

The dramatic episode opens with a scorned ex and closes with a gunshot. In between all the wedding drama we are introduced to the main cast.

First there are the two female siblings Azania (Mbali Mlotshwa) and Thandi (Jo-Anne Reyneke). They are the wedding planners and you get a sense that they might be some rivalry between the two.

Azania quickly points out that, Thandi is not actually her biological sister but she is adopted by her mom Gertude (Thembi Mtshali-Jones). Azania is painted as the trouble maker from the onset, often rolling her eyes if her mom pays anyone a compliment other than her. She also makes a foolish mistake in the wedding planning business that cost them dearly as the episode closes.

“Azania is the ultimate extrovert. She is very opinionated, witty and strong,” Mlotshwa described her character to Sowetan LIVE after the screening.

Thandi appears to be sweet and has a thing for her adopted brother Uhuru (Thapelo Mokoena). Uhuru is an investigative journalist who is stranded in a war zone somewhere in a foreign African country.

He is introduced in the middle of the episode making a drastic call from a pay-phone to her sister Azania, asking for cash so he can come back home. The scene is wholly unconvincing and unpleasant to watch; unfolding like a cut-and-paste editing job.

The supporting characters include wedding designer Lulama (Nambitha Ben-Mazwi). When she is not busy with bridal couture, she is playing kissy-face with wedding photographer Lebo (Lehasa Moloi). Lebo is clearly the heartthrob of the show and the kind of guy who is going to be shirtless at any turn.

Providing some much-needed comic relief are the characters Damian (Mandla Gaduka) and Charmaine (Sharlene Surtie-Richards).

The final five minutes of the episode are the most intense and riveting, but at the same time hilarious, giving you a glimpse of the kind of drama you can expect he whole season. Although not offering anything new to the local small screen, Broken Vows is glossy and solid; promising plenty of soap opera melodrama and a much-needed escape after a long day.

Rating: 65/100