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Skwatta Kamp pays tribute to Zola for 'discovering' them

By Tshisalive | 2017-03-15 14:12:06.0

Zola did a lot to help young upcoming artists in his prime‚ including the rap group Skwatta Kamp‚ and they have not forgotten his contribution.

The seven-member rap group‚ that originally consisted of Infa‚ Nish‚ Shugasmakx‚ Flabba‚ Nemza‚ Slikour‚ Bozza‚ have been responsible for some of the coolest songs in South African hip-hop.

And it turns out‚ Zola had a hand in helping them break into the industry.

In a touching throw-back moment Shugasmakx shared the story of how Zola willingly decided to cut his performance time short to give them a chance to win the audience back in 2001.

I owe my music career to Zola‚ says Unathi 

Shugasmakx recalled how Zola invited them with open arms to perform during his set time‚ at an event in Cape Town. Organisers had run out of time and were going to cut Skwatta Kamp’s performance.

“Zola [who was] at his peak alongside Amu (Ghetto Scandalous days) was like ‘yo‚ just hop on in my set‚’ then he introduced us onto the stage and co-signed us to millions of people of the country!” Shugasmakz reminisced.

Shugasmakx added that it meant a great deal to have the support of people like Zola in the industry.

@Regrann from @smegaforever - Let's take it back, back into time! #2008. #tbt. Launching my 1st solo album #Numba1 out at Roka Bar by 44 Stanley in Milpark. Event was actually called #TheShugaFactory, which later became the name for my 2nd album. Hella nyt, Hella party! #Zola7 came to sho luv. Was special to me cause our for 1st outta town gig in Cpt with Skwatta (2001) they ran out of time and neva wanted us to play in the Castle Loud hr on tv and Zola at his peak alongside Amu (Ghetto Scandalous days) was like yo, just hop on in my set, then he introduced us onto the stage and co-signed us to the millions of people of the country! Guess that was our Zola 7 moment. Dude been making dreams come tru. 1 luv Mzolisto!!!!! Thanks for the pic @sydmolife. - #regrann