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'I respect the boy but Akulaleki was bigger than Hell Naw' - Dr Malinga

By SowetanLIVE | 2017-03-15 12:10:51.0

Kwaito musician Dr Malinga and rapper Nasty C are engaged in a war of words.

The trouble started when the Akulaleki singer tweeted that Nasty C is like a 'pawn shop keeping things that don't belong to him.'

Malinga was basing his comments  on the recent happenings around record label Mabala Noise. Nasty C is a recording artist signed to the label. Speculation is rife that the company bought the awards won by their artists at the Metro FM Awards.

To top it all off, the musician who alluded to these allegations Riky Rick has since announced that he's leaving the label.

Malinga went so far as to state that although Nasty C was young he associated with 'thugs'.

After a brief silence Nasty C has responded via an Instagram video.

The young rapper starts the video off by stating how hard he works. He lists the music he's released, gigs and video shoots he has to attend.

He then lets Dr Malinga know exactly what he thinks of him.

"You are mad at me because I want something Sir? You're like a 103 and you wear green shorts all the way up to your man boobs and pink shoes and pretend to try kick down  a plane on stage. You're a f**king gimmick, you are a publicity stunt. Let it go it's okay, cut the s**t. "



Sowetan LIVE contacted Dr Malinga to get his response to Nasty's video.

Malinga rubbished the 103 years old comparison, stating emphatically that he's 36 years. He equally scoffed at the comments on his choice of costume.

" How can you tell a clown he's a clown? I know that I'm a clown. But guess what I'm talented, my body is not a clown my songs are not clowns"

Malinga went on to say that his tweets on the 'Song of the year' award were his opinion which he is entitled to.

"At the end of the day, I love the boy, I respect the boy, but maybe  bahurtagile abantu (people were hurt), I was just saying my part, stating my opinion."

I'm a fan of those people that I was competing with, 'Hell Naw' was not one of the songs that I thought I'd be competing with. It hit us like an atomic bomb, surprised us like uVan Damme."

"As a friend to other musicians, I say he doesn't deserve that award, I'm not saying I was supposed to win it but  maybe uBabes Wodumo deserves that award."

The song was not big, 'Hell Naw' was just a song. Even my 'Akulaleki' was more powerful than it. It was all over, Babes Wodumo was all over, 'Ngudu', 'Muthande' was all over, not 'Hell Naw.'